How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 14 2018

'All set?' ready
'Blackfish' beast orca
'My turn!' imup
'The Kiss' sculptor Auguste rodin
Alkali neutralizer acid
Be initiated into join
Become wearisome pall
Beginning eagerly divingin
Belles' men beaus
Berry in energy drinks acai
Big name in bananas dole
Boneless cut filet
Bourne or Bond spy
Brass and bronze, for two alloys
Centaur's foot hoof
Chuck wagon honcho cook
Collection of pixels image
Compact car of 1960-'70 fordfalcon
Concierges' workplaces hotels
Crafty deception guile
Cuisine with spicy noodles thai
Datum in closing credits role
Deviled or coddled item egg
Did a jockey's work rode
Discoverer's outburst oho
Disney cocker spaniel lady
DIYers' buys kits
Elbow-to-wrist bone ulna
Flooring option tile
Foolish sort bozo
Foppish dresser dandy
Fresh off the assembly line new
Gem-shaped flying toy diamondkite
Golden State NFLer laram
Hard-liner on deficit spending budgethawk
Hole-in-one, on a par 4 doubleeagle
Homes to cuckoos and loons nests
Humpty Dumpty's pre-fall shape oval
Hustler's scheme scam
Indigenous cultures' paintings, e.g folkart
Invites to drop by asksover
Ironman watch maker timex
Land including part of Kurdistan iran
Library transaction loan
Like a wrung-out towel damp
Loaf pair ends
Metaphorical sticking place craw
Mexican figurine mineral onyx
Monastery honcho abbot
Most trick-or-treaters kids
Name in machine pistols uzi
Name in microprocessors intel
Not as cuckoo saner
Not at all cool unhip
Of the flock laic
Planted, as seed sown
Porcupine quill feature barb
Pungent condiment with sushi wasabi
Reckless boldness temerity
Registered as a candidate filed
Regretful RSVPs noes
Rock station staffers deejays
Sailor's time off leave
Shoreline formation dune
Shows patience waits
Sign of a sellout sro
Sinuous swimmers eels
Some poisonous shrubs sumacs
Strutting turkeys toms
Sunny spot for a potted plant sill
Tiki bar garland lei
Tiny falsehoods fibs
Tour de France gear bikes
Trawler's trail wake
Turned on the waterworks wept
Vail conveyances skilifts
Vaper's buy ecig
Yank's foe reb
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