How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 13 2013

"___ get this party started!" LETS
100 sen, in Cambodia RIEL
A ___ formality MERE
Accuse of official misconduct IMPEACH
Actor Rickman ALAN
Aft's antithesis FORE
Airplane boarding site GATE
Airport rental CAR
Altar attire, for some ALBS
Apply knuckles to wood RAP
Attention-getting stage whisper PSST
Bang-up impression DENT
Become hazy BLUR
Big map book ATLAS
BP Amoco's merger partner ARCO
Bracelet bauble CHARM
Brother of Moses AARON
Burnout result? ASH
Calla lily's plant family ARUM
Certain drawings PASTELS
Chocolate powder COCOA
Christmas holly ILEX
Coins replaced by euros LIRAS
Covent Garden solo ARIA
Deal with adversity COPE
Deliver, hen-style LAY
Division problem word INTO
Dreaded snake ASP
Drive back REPEL
Enrage RILE
Fall behind financially OWE
Fifth-largest planet EARTH
Fit for farming ARABLE
Fleet failure of fable HARE
Frighten SCARE
Fumbler's word OOPS
Garment often worn out? COAT
Hair loss symbol? BARBERPOLE
Have a severe yearning ACHE
Improves, editorially AMENDS
It identifies an exec's office DOORPLATE
Keep goal in hockey TEND
Keep in stock CARRY
Kind of history or hygiene ORAL
Knot untiers? EXES
Leaf-to-branch angle AXIL
Lengthy story SAGA
Light crinkled fabric CREPE
Mischievous rascal SCAMP
Misleading outward appearance SEMBLANCE
Move like a butterfly FLIT
Move on casters ROLL
No longer under suspicion OFFTHEHOOK
Nut used to make soft drinks KOLA
Old recording device REELTOREEL
One of all fours? KNEE
One that's fleeced EWE
One thing on top of another HEAP
One who stays on track RACER
Opposite of pro ANTI
Part of a football shoe CLEAT
Past the expiration date STALE
Prior to, to a poet ERE
Privacy violator SNOOP
Private tutor COACH
Put a stop to CEASE
Register figure TOTAL
Sap-sucker's genus APHIS
Shake, as a detective LOSE
Silly as a goose INANE
Smelted substances ORES
Surgery memento SCAR
Thing not to cross during a strike PICKETLINE
Top-notch AONE
Wheedle COAX
Where the eagle has landed? AERIE
Writer Hermann HESSE
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