How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 12 2018

'Ctrl-S' command save
'Falling Into You' singer Celine dion
'Having fun ___?' yet
'New Look' designer dior
'Stronger ___ dirt' than
'The front page of the internet' reddit
'Who wants ice cream?' reply ido
'___ further review . . .' upon
Alive with color vibrant
Alternative to a lutz axel
Answers, on 'Jeopardy!' asks
Appreciative sound at a poetry reading fingersnap
Asylum seeker, perhaps emigre
Auto body woe rust
Beer hall fixture tap
Biblical possessive thine
Broad view bigpicture
Carpal tunnel locales wrists
Checker Motors vehicle taxi
Coffee bar order espressoshot
Color of unbleached linen ecru
Conspirators' plan plot
Cotton farm implement baler
Created a caricature drew
Cyberbidder's site ebay
Em and Polly of fiction aunts
Farmscape sight silo
Get the gist of grasp
Groups of 6-Down casts
Guard dog's warning grr
Guide's offering tour
Halloween hue black
Has great ambitions aspires
Hired companions escorts
Holy mount in Judaism zion
Like a beaver, proverbially eager
Lovebirds' sounds coos
Many a Little Leaguer, now girl
Mediator's asset tact
Mellencamp's place to 'R.O.C.K.' usa
Memorizers of lines actors
Moonshiner's rig whiskeystill
More like a bootlicker slimier
More than one 38-Across cabs
Morning host Kelly ripa
Most devoid of cover nudest
Mythical sailors' craft argo
Nativity scene trio magi
Not as cordial icier
Not worth arguing about moot
NYSE listing corp
Oblige an autograph hound sign
One of the Ivies yale
Operating system since the 1970s unix
Piece for one voice, usually aria
Primatologists' subjects apes
Salty septet seas
Sans-serif typeface arial
Selling at a price of goingfor
Sharon of 'Valley of the Dolls' tate
Sides in an age-old 'battle' sexes
Socially superior sort snob
Something to get a whiff of odor
Spice in pumpkin pie mace
Sports blowout rout
State with conviction avow
Suggestion box input ideas
That cow or sow she
Thrift shop caveat asis
Unmetered writing prose
View from a mountaintop vista
Waiting at a light, perhaps idling
Waiting room rack item, briefly mag
With it, in a sense sane
Wizard's garb robe
Word before Antonio or Pedro san
Workplace with non-union members openshop
___ Mountains (Branson's range) ozark
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