How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 09 2010

". . . from New York!" show, briefly SNL
"Emergency!" warnings ALARMS
"Forbidden" perfume TABU
"Jingle Bells" conveyance SLEIGH
"No contest," for one PLEA
"The game is ___!" (Sherlock Holmes line) AFOOT
"___ for the poor!" ALMS
100 qintars LEK
1970s Tony Musante cop show TOMA
3,051 in Old Rome MMMLI
Aardvark feature SNOUT
Abacus component BEAD
Animal of the genus Equus ASS
Asian floor mat TATAMI
Aspirin has several USES
Attack with vigor ASSAIL
Beeswax structures HONEYCOMBS
Breeding stallion STUD
Bumper-to-bumper time RUSHHOUR
Business as ___ USUAL
Cab type HANSOM
Characteristic clothes GARB
Conceited STUCKUP
Contracted, as an illness GOT
Dale Evans' movie mount BUTTERMILK
Did an after-shower chore (with "off") TOWELED
Do drudgery MOIL
Eastern baby-sitter AMAH
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
Fill, as the bases LOAD
Flushed, as cheeks ROSY
Hasidic title of respect REBBE
Hollow cylinder TUBE
Impromptu jazz performance JAMSESSION
Indian state PUNJAB
Kind of bore or basin TIDAL
Kulik who won gold at Nagano ILIA
Lefts and rights TURNS
Musical number PIECE
Nonlethal phaser setting STUN
Not fooled by ONTO
Parlor three-seater SOFA
Pat baby on the back BURP
Pretentious poseur PSEUD
Prince of India (Var.) RAJA
Quires and quires REAMS
Render defenseless UNARM
Return-mail encs. SASES
Ruin the perfection of MAR
Second word of the golden rule UNTO
Sets one's sights AIMS
Sing in the Alps YODEL
Single-masted vessels SLOOPS
Slangy affirmative YEP
Something dropped before tripping? LSD
Spiny succulent plant ALOE
Spongeàcake treats JELLYROLLS
Srta.'s French counterpart MLLE
Steep-walled elevation MESA
Stereotypical brown bagger? WINO
Store luggage STOW
The Little Mermaid's name ARIEL
They often squeak during hoops SNEAKERS
Third word of many limericks WAS
Times of note ERAS
Tool for bending metal SWAGE
Top pair in poker ACES
Tuxedo rental event PROM
Two picture cards, in blackjack TWENTY
Underground plant supports ROOTS
Unstable subatomic particles MUONS
Untrustworthy one LIAR
Wee dram NIP
West of Gotham City? ADAM
Wide-spreading trees ELMS
Word with "fry" or "potatoes" SMALL
Youthful fellows LADS
___ Gatos, Calif. LOS
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