How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 07 2016

"Diamonds ___ Forever" ARE
"Show Boat" author Ferber EDNA
"The Absinthe Drinker" artist Edouard MANET
An Obama girl SASHA
Anchorperson's work BROADCASTNEWS
Any of the HOMES quintet LAKE
Beer buy CASE
Big Apple theater award OBIE
Blaster's need TNT
Bog fuel PEAT
Brief moment SEC
Calculator symbol MINUSSIGN
Candy purchases BARS
Cat call MEOW
Caviar, e.g ROE
Cockpit announcements, briefly ETAS
Cool cube ICE
Critic's kudos RAVE
Declare untrue DENY
Declares as true AVERS
Dollar total AMOUNT
Easily fooled sort SAP
Escapes slowly SEEPS
Eyelid woes STYES
Faces courageously BRAVES
Far from proficient INEPT
Frat party garments TOGAS
German submarine UBOAT
Got together MET
High hairstyle UPDO
Ho-hum BLAH
Home to reeds and rushes MARSH
In command of OVER
In need of a massage TENSE
In need of liposuction, perhaps OBESE
In the area NEAR
In the future TOCOME
Indian currency RUPEE
Industrious bug ANT
Injure severely MAIM
Like a fox, it's said SLY
Like a rabbit's foot, supposedly LUCKY
Liposuction target FAT
Mariner's milieu OCEAN
Martinez with three Cy Youngs PEDRO
Mercedes alternatives BMWS
Miami's locale, as it was once known DADECOUNTY
Midterm, e.g TEST
Mil. truant AWOL
Mix of coffees BLEND
Mount the soapbox ORATE
Need ibuprofen ACHE
Not to be trusted SHADY
Parting word ADIEU
Pentathlete's sword EPEE
Photographer's request SMILE
Point spread determiner ODDSMAKER
Polo Grounds great MELOTT
Posh residence ESTATE
Quipster or punster WIT
Racetrack border RAIL
Rainbow shape ARC
Seating section TIER
Signs off on OKS
Son of Seth ENOS
South-of-the-border affirmative SISENORITA
Store with an enticing aroma BAKERY
Summertime top HALTER
Sunshine, slangily RAYS
Talked nonstop RANON
Taxi devices METERS
Tesla's Musk ELON
That ship HER
Toucan's colorful feature BEAK
Twitter message TWEET
UCLA athlete BRUIN
Zesty dip SALSA
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