How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 07 2013

"Faust" dramatist GOETHE
6, on a phone MNO
A sense SIGHT
Afternoon social activities TEAS
Agreeable response YES
Andrew Volstead, for one DRY
Anger IRE
Anxiety UNEASE
Bar Mitzvah, for one RITE
Bear's past participle BORNE
Become deflected YAW
Beer-keg adjunct TAP
Big fat mouth YAP
Card game with sevens through aces SKAT
Cemetery feature CRYPT
Certain unit of heat, for short KCAL
Church caretaker SEXTON
Cold confections ICES
Current word AMPERE
Dalloway or Doubtfire MRS
Debater ARGUER
Develops compassion MELTS
Drug dealers, slangily NARCOS
Dynamic entry? AERO
Example of 31-Across TIGHTSLACKS
Example of 31-Across NEWCLASSIC
Example of 31-Across PRETTYUGLY
Example of 31-Across SWEETSORROW
Exhaustive (var.) THORO
Expressions of satisfaction AHS
Extravagant publicity HOOPLA
Fever fit AGUE
Flub ERR
Food scrap ORT
Former anesthetic ETHER
French condiment SEL
Fuel for an Aston Martin PETROL
Give a leg up BOOST
Got a load of EYED
Group of experts PANEL
Houston problem SMOG
Inexpensive lodging HOSTEL
It may be pulled out from under RUG
June 6, 1944 conveyance TROOPSHIP
Kind of exam BAR
Like Yogi or Smokey URSINE
Make short cuts? SNIP
Mary Todd's love, briefly ABE
Misfortune WOE
Nancy Drew author Carolyn KEENE
Object of a Beethoven tribute ELISE
Old hand PRO
One way to run SCARED
Peaceable SERENE
Peach or plum DRUPE
Polynesian tubers TAROS
Prefix with "rocket" or "fit" RETRO
Rainy month APRIL
Reaction to an expensive gift OOH
See in a crowd ESPY
Sgt., for one NCO
Sixth rock from the sun SATURN
Slithery one EEL
Sound of a hoof CLOP
Sweet sandwich OREO
Sympathize RELATE
Tease mercilessly RIDE
Tenure of an abbot ABBACY
Theme of this puzzle OXYMORONS
Threatening words ORELSE
Three-toed creature SLOTH
To be, in old Rome ESSE
Villa d'___ ESTE
Whimper MEWL
Wise off to SASS
Word with "pole" or "day" MAY
Zagreb denizens CROATS
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