How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 06 2018

'Buzz off!' shoo
'Have a piece' tryone
'Let me repeat . . .' onceagain
'That's not true!' liar
'The Killing Game' novelist Johansen iris
'West of the Pecos' novelist Zane grey
'X' may mark it spot
Abrasive on a board emery
All-hrs. convenience, perhaps atm
Alternatives to Volvos, formerly saabs
Baseball bat maker's tool lathe
Be worthy of earn
Brothers' home abbey
Casual wear plugged by Brett Favre wranglerjeans
Catch, so to speak see
Cause of stubborn stains tar
Coffee preference black
Cornered, as a wild animal atbay
Crinkly fabric crepe
Davis of 'Thelma and Louise' geena
Dead set against anti
Don't include omit
Duffer's achievement par
Exterminators' setups traps
Feature of two small letters dot
Fiddle with, in a way adjust
Fishing line mishaps snags
Go to great heights soar
Greek restaurant offering gyro
Handrail support newel
Have in stock carry
Hotel freebie soap
In perpetuity ever
Info gained by 48-Across intel
It's in distinctive type in a dictionary entryword
Item on a ring key
J.E.B. Stuart's side csa
Kazan with an honorary Oscar elia
Leave wide-eyed awe
Like Felix, but not Oscar neat
Load of money pile
Make a decision act
Make less severe ease
Margarita garnish lime
Military turncoat renegadesoldier
Minimal change cent
Mole's work spying
Novelist Harper with a Pulitzer lee
On-the-sly meeting tryst
Pic on an ankle, perhaps tat
Ping-Pong do-over let
Pitching masterpiece gem
Played for a sap had
Postgame rundown recap
Repair bill part labor
Sauce on some pizzas pesto
Sign of spoilage odor
Sport coat material serge
SRO part only
Super time blast
Swing support, perhaps tree
Swirling current eddy
Take to the stump orate
Three Stooges missile pie
Tippy-top acme
To this point asyet
Trail of Tears group cherokeetribe
Trivial gripe nit
Truing up, as a front end aligning
Twist from O. Henry irony
Unite on the run elope
Unwelcome forecast sleet
Utterly ridiculous insane
Verbally assault tearinto
Vixen's offspring kit
What a sunscreen blocks, briefly uvray
Word on Irish euros eire
Word with legal or lily pad
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