How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 06 2005

''Anything ___?'' ELSE
''The Name of the Rose'' writer Umberto ECO
''___ and the Swan'' (Yeats) LEDA
After-dinner speaker TOASTMASTER
Air show maneuver BARRELROLL
Analysis subjects EGOS
Animated mermaid ARIEL
Arboreal African snake MAMBA
Band follower? AID
Barnyard babe CALF
Burger go-with COLA
Caesar and chicken, among many SALADS
Canine moniker FIDO
Chaucer offering TALE
Collarless robe CAFTAN
Come clean? BATHE
Consider, as in a high court HEAR
Courtroom misbehavior CONTEMPT
Cut of beef LOIN
Detected, in a way SEEN
Diaphanous AIRY
Drew back EBBED
Famously-connected actor KEVINBACON
Field of study AREA
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Groupspeak, e.g. ARGOT
High point ACME
Honeybun DEARY
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Ideal spots EDENS
In the style of, on a menu ALA
Inter ___ ALIA
Irish and beef, for two STEWS
It goes around and around TIRE
It may have a filling filling PIE
Jacket material DEERSKIN
Kind of book COFFEETABLE
Leave out OMIT
Like Abner LIL
Locker room supply TAPE
Looks after TENDS
Mary Todd's love ABE
Maximum bet LIMIT
Mighty fine ELEGANT
Mind-blowing HEADY
Minor memory failures LAPSES
Name used in exclamations PETE
Nonhuman carpenters ANTS
Not a challenge EASY
Noteworthy sign EXIT
Part of HRH HER
Pattern of behavior WONT
Place for cowards? REAR
Pleasant surprise TREAT
Roman greetings AVES
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Showing age HOARY
Soon, ere now ANON
Sport involving birds FALCONRY
Springiness GIVE
Start of an Austen title PRIDE
Steers out of control? STAMPEDE
Subject of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz ARAB
Suitable for use as food EATABLE
Sure sign, for some OMEN
Tea choice ICED
Terminate CEASE
They fix locks SALONS
Type of grease AXLE
Ubiquitous lily relative ALOE
Ugandan tyrant AMIN
Unwelcome expression LEER
Well put APT
Whittle while you work? CARVE
Wine quality NOSE
Word before and after against HOPE
Worked regularly at PLIED
You may gloss over them LIPS
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