How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 02 2018

'Don't worry about me' imok
'His Master's Voice' label rca
'Musta been someone else!' notme
'What'd I tell ya?' see
Agenda listing item
All students at Eton boys
Alley prowler tomcat
Antipasto morsel olive
Bad forecast for sailboaters calm
Baseball card tidbit stat
Begin, as darkness setin
Bench wood pine
Chipotle offering taco
Christmas greenery hollies
Cinnabon allure aroma
Citrus soda since 1966 fresca
City east of Syracuse utica
City near Vesuvius naples
Conditioned, as a baseball glove oiled
Cookie with floret designs oreo
Depression-era itinerant hobo
Diamond defect flaw
Diploma or license (Abbr.) cert
Do better than oneup
Dwellers in complexes tenants
Fraternity unit chapter
French Riviera city nice
Go spelunking, e.g explore
Goof-off slacker
Gorsuch of the Supreme Court neil
Ham and Swiss holder, perhaps roll
Home whose entrance is between floors splitlevel
Homer Simpson's mom mona
Human cannonball's terminus net
Hunter's attire, for short camo
Iams competitor alpo
Ipanema's locale, for short rio
IRA part (Abbr.) acct
LeBron of the NBA james
Letter before Baker able
Like Lex Luthor evil
Middle C, e.g note
Much of a valet's income tips
Nolte movie based on two Steinbeck novels canneryrow
Norton Sound port nome
One of 100 on the Hill senateseat
Opening-day pitchers, usually aces
Part of a big band saxsection
Place for grist mill
Pork preservative salt
Pucker-inducing fruit lemon
Pump figure octane
Reacted to bad news, perhaps paled
Second, as an opinion echo
Server of Duff beer moe
Set, as a detonator arm
Sharpen, as an appetite whet
Sidling creature crab
Sirius or Polaris star
Skip past omit
South Korea, to the U.S ally
Spaghetti sauce topper parmesan
Sparkling wine source asti
Spiff up the decor of redo
Spitting nails, so to speak irate
Sully, notably pilot
Sushi ingredient rice
Tease good-naturedly josh
Tepee-shaped conic
Texter's 'as I see it . . .' imo
Turf used for fuel peat
Tyler of 'The Leftovers' liv
Versed in literature wellread
Wahines' accessories leis
Winehouse with six Grammys amy
Yemeni city with a natural harbor aden
Yield by treaty cede
[not my error] sic
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