How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 29 2004

"Cities of the Interior" novelist NIN
"Howards ___" (1982) END
"Night" author Wiesel ELIE
"Uncle Vanya" role ELENA
A crowd preceder THREES
A king of Judah ASA
Addis ___, Ethiopia ABABA
Apple product IMAC
Approaching the hour TENTO
British breed of draft horse SHIRE
Bugs' antagonist ELMER
Celebrant of Thanksgiving PILGRIM
Cheat at pinball TILT
Conductor ___ Endo AKIRA
Consequently ERGO
Director Burton TIM
Downed ATE
eBay option SELL
Fencing piece EPEE
Film director Craven WES
First part of a quip ABIGBANGMAY
Footnote word IDEM
Fourth part of a quip HEADS
Fruit of the maple SAMARA
Get all mushy? MELT
Glee club section ALTOS
Govt. agent TMAN
Highchair feature TRAY
In short supply SCANT
It may have a room with a view INN
It may not be completely punched out CHAD
It'll pass you, barely DEE
John F. Kennedy Library architect IMPEI
Kipling character KAA
Last part of a quip GETTOGETHER
Lily Munster portrayer DECARLO
Lucy's friend and landlord ETHEL
Madrid mother MADRE
Metro area URB
Most mysterious EERIEST
October 31 drink CIDER
One with a small work force SANTA
Ophelia and Hamlet, e.g. DANES
Overturned a glass of milk, maybe SPILT
Part of a seafood platter, perhaps CRAB
Pipe with a quarter bend ELL
Purchase for a new arrival CRIB
Relating to a pelvis part ILIAC
Relinquish one's power ABDICATE
Run smoothly, as an engine HUM
Salon stock GELS
Scholarship founder RHODES
Schooner's cargo ALE
Screenwriter's layout SCENARIO
Seaport on the Black Sea ODESSA
Second part of a quip OCCUR
Shady garden bower ARBOR
Singer Horne LENA
Soak flax RET
Souvenir shop item TEESHIRT
Spanish 101 word ESTA
Supportive shout RAH
They cook up whoppers LIARS
They may play "Hardball" MSNBC
Third part of a quip WHENTWO
Touch or sight SENSE
Tweeter output TREBLE
Twilled woolen cloth SERGE
Two-time U.S. Open champ ELS
Underground story CELLAR
Unpolished person RUBE
West of Hollywood MAE
What a bartender may run TAB
Wheels and deals BARTERS
Word on Oslo coins NORGE
Word with jam or book LOG
___ avis RARA
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