How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 26 2015

"Blech!" UGH
"Dude," in Jamaica MON
"Hey, you!" PSST
Accomplice ABETTOR
Accumulated facts, traditions or beliefs LORE
Ancient prophet ORACLE
And nothing more MERELY
Appeases (with "to") CATERS
As a result ERGO
Autumn birthstone OPAL
Ball prop TEE
Barren area DESERT
Beaming look GRIN
Bedouin NOMAD
Before, in odes ERE
Biographical opening? AUTO
Brightly colored fish OPAH
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Clear the slate? ERASE
Collected sayings ANA
Color of sadness BLUE
Convertible or coupe, e.g CAR
Deg. that impresses MBA
Discombobulate ADDLE
Discouraged type of sentence RUNON
Edible tuber EDDO
Elephants and rhinos PACHYDERMS
Emulates sheep BAAS
Encourage URGE
Evil supernatural creature DEMON
Facial feature BROW
Fifteenth of March IDES
Force upon again REIMPOSE
Freshwater crustacean ISOPOD
Give or take ABOUT
Glove material, sometimes GOATSKIN
Go from place to place TOUR
Got off one's feet SAT
Gun fodder AMMO
Hand over, as land CEDE
Has for keeps OWNS
Heart helpers PACEMAKERS
Ill-fated Boleyn ANNE
In great order NEAT
Indian royal RANI
Isn't truthful LIES
It's not worth much PENNY
Japanese graphic novel MANGA
Joie de vivre ELAN
Lascivious types LETCHES
Like a chimney ASHY
Lymph bump NODE
Meditative martial art TAICHI
Mideast land OMAN
Money donated to the poor ALMS
Motion sickness, e.g NAUSEA
One getting paid to play (Abbr.) PRO
Parts of disappearing acts, sometimes MAGICWANDS
Plains Indian OSAGE
Playful building block LEGO
Rapid firer MACHINEGUN
Ready to use 50-Across TEEDUP
Recent arrival NEWCOMER
Rotary cylinder CAM
Scheming Heep URIAH
Shot blocker? LENSCAP
Simple dwelling HUT
Tablet maker ACER
Teen bane ACNE
Tenth-century raiders NORSEMEN
This puzzle's theme MAANDPA
Type of code AREA
Winter garment COAT
___ capita PER
___ in a lifetime ONCE
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