How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 24 2018

'Chew the fat' and 'eat crow' idioms
'Stay With Me' singer Sam smith
'Stop or ___!' else
'We're sinking!' sos
'Your choice' any
A whole bunch scads
Addition to the staff hiree
Bacon purchase slab
Black-and-white predator orca
Bored with it all blase
Carpenter's wedge shim
Change one's story? edit
Clumsy ox oaf
College VIPs bmocs
Compass lines arcs
Conks on the noggin bops
Cream-filled pastries puffs
Donations to the needy alms
Drink served with marshmallows cocoa
ESPN reporter Salters lisa
Event with new products expo
Express verbally utter
ExxonMobil product oil
Flying high aloft
Gadget in the produce section scale
Gather from the fields reap
Get ready for a round of beers, say bellyuptothebar
Get really steamed boil
Get whipped lose
In days of yore once
In the style of ala
Insurance name with a silent first letter aetna
Jackson with the country album '34 Number Ones' alan
Kid-vid explorer dora
Kind of red wine, for short cab
Leaning Tower city pisa
Long-tongued comics dog odie
Look of contempt sneer
Look to the future plan
Lutz alternative axel
Many ER cases ods
Michael of 'Arrested Development' cera
Modified mortgage, for short refi
Moisten, as an envelope flap lick
Movement of money cashflow
Netflix competitor hulu
Old pro, to a rookie, perhaps mentor
Pearl Jam vocalist Vedder eddie
Phonograph part needle
Picture within a picture inset
Pile up amass
Pit stop change tire
Pitchman's assistant shill
Prefix meaning 'same' homo
Rating unit star
Really bother eatat
Rodeo clown's prop lasso
Rolled-over investments, for short iras
Scratch-off ticket game lotto
Sections of town areas
Shakespearean play with a Fool kinglear
Show with a laugh track sitcom
Showed nervousness brokeintoasweat
Snake with a hood cobra
Soccer mom's vehicle, for short ute
Spark-producing rock flint
Sports org. with a DH rule mlb
Swiss ___ (leafy vegetable) chard
Tackle box item lure
Talk trash to dis
Three Stooges genre farce
Tiny Oreos minis
U.S. economic yardstick, until recently gnp
Usually unread email spam
Volunteer's words ican
Worked really hard bustedoneschops
Yard tool rake
___ Paulo, Brazil sao
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