How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 22 2017

"Boy, am I dumb!" SILLYME
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"Tara Road" novelist Binchy MAEVE
Bad to the bone EVIL
Belgrade resident SERBIAN
Bell-ringing cosmetics company AVON
Blunted fencing weapon EPEE
Bocelli delivery ARIA
Breed, as eels SPAWN
Caster of spells SORCERER
Chamber music woodwind OBOE
Chutzpah GALL
Clothing brand with a horseman logo POLO
Competitor of Allure and Glamour ELLE
Concealed carry org NRA
Contemplated item in a Rembrandt work BUSTOFHOMER
Controversial statue figure, these days LEE
Distance not run in the Olympics MILE
Drillers at sea OILRIGS
Evidence of a B-52 attack, say Bombcrater
Exhibit wanderlust ROAM
Filled to the gills SATED
Flat-topped formation BUTTE
German city of Einstein's birth ULM
Get tuckered out TIRE
Gradually weaken ERODE
Gradually weaken EBB
Grapevine tidbit RUMOR
Hatchling's cry PEEP
Heat source at a fast-food restaurant LAMP
Jobs for wreckers TOWS
Leo or Aries SIGN
Like bourbon barrels OAKEN
Like Braille characters TACTILE
Lobstering gear POTS
Maddux with four Cy Youngs GREG
Made an exact copy of CLONED
Many a mall rat TEEN
Marilyn Monroe facial mark MOLE
Movie director's shots TAKES
Oater assembly POSSE
One passing bad checks KITER
One way to mark errors INRED
Opens, as a car hood POPS
Ox's burden CART
Papa John's delivery PIE
Paul who painted "Flower Myth" KLEE
Perfect, as a skill HONE
Place for a houseplant SILL
Places for facials SPAS
Political entities of the Mongols KHANATES
Political fundraiser, often GALA
Postmortem bio OBIT
Process, as leather TAN
Proctored event EXAM
Red ___ (wieners) HOTS
Resort island near Curacao ARUBA
Rival of Reuters UPI
River through Kazakhstan URAL
Rocker's rival, in '60s England MOD
Rummy desserts BABAS
Said "no contest," say PLED
Sauce served with seafood LEMONBUTTER
Seckel or Bosc PEAR
Shaft with a linchpin, perhaps AXLE
Source of oranges GROVE
Successful on one's own SELFMADE
Temple with a tiered roof PAGODA
Ten, to Bart Simpson AGE
Thanksgiving Day fun run, e.g TURKEYTROT
The Blue Devils of college sports DUKE
Tidy sum PILE
Tillerson's department STATE
Topper on the Left Bank BERET
Two-terminal semiconductor DIODE
Walt Kelly's possum POGO
Without a saddle, to an equestrian BAREBACK
Wrapped up ENDED
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