How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 22 2016

"Aquarius" musical (and a word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 9- and 24-Down) HAIR
"Arf!" or "Woof!" BARK
"Doubt it" NAH
"It takes two" dance TANGO
"Norma ___" (Sally Field movie) RAE
"Okay by me" FINE
"___ So Shy" (Pointer Sisters hit) HES
26-Across, e.g SEAT
Adoring biblical trio MAGI
Angst-ridden music genre EMO
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Artificial bronzing product SPRAYONTAN
Bakery or brewery need YEAST
Bonus for performing a cool act STYLEPOINTS
Boot a grounder, say ERR
Buggy-riding religious group AMISH
Chipper for one's age SPRY
Co-op alternative CONDO
Columnist Coulter ANN
Director Kazan ELIA
Drawing room piece SETTEE
Dryer residue LINT
Eccentric sort PIECEOFWORK
Flowerless houseplant FERN
Franc's replacement EURO
Fruit-packing unit CRATE
Funhouse sounds SCREAMS
Grid great Tarkenton FRAN
Hail ___ (desperation pass) MARY
Half hitch and sheepshank KNOTS
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives" TERI
Hazards during dry season BRUSHFIRES
Historic French forest ARGONNE
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Improbable, as a tale TALL
In good order TRIM
Inscribe with acid ETCH
Intense pain and struggle THROES
Is in the lineup PLAYS
Joan of Arc, notably MARTYR
Key point CRUX
Lacks the ability to CANNOT
Layers on the farm HENS
Like Rudolph REDNOSED
Lock brand YALE
Major League exec Joe TORRE
Make really mad RILE
Microscope insert SLIDE
Mild cigar CLARO
Military chaplain, informally PADRE
Ned who wrote "Air Music" ROREM
One of the "north 40" ACRE
Opie's father ANDY
Pajamas' rear opening FLAP
Peak in Catania ETNA
Pinstriped player, for short YANK
Pitching staff stats ERAS
Privy to INON
Reaction to a bad pun GROAN
Recedes, like the tide EBBS
Recycle Bin, on a PC ICON
Salaried sportsman PRO
Skid row denizen WINO
Small stream RILL
Source of fine wool MERINO
Steinway & ___ (piano maker) SONS
They catch smooches at stadiums KISSCAMS
Topper for Che Guevara BERET
Tries to prevent a sinking BAILS
Volleyball team complement SIX
Ways to go ROADS
Whispered bit of information SECRET
Word of prohibition DONT
Worth a "D" POOR
Zellweger of "Miss Potter" RENEE
Ziegfeld Follies costumer ERTE
___ before (at the latest) ONOR
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