How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 22 2015

"G'day" recipient MATE
"He's ___ nowhere man" AREAL
"___ Flanders" MOLL
"___ nation, under God . . ." ONE
"___ we having fun yet?" ARE
A fisher may spin one TALE
Accounts book LEDGER
Asian capital HANOI
Autumnal birthstone OPAL
Before, of yore ERE
Bert's twin sister NAN
Big name in oil HESS
Buenos ___ AIRES
Business "statement" PROFITANDLOSS
Cereal grain part BRAN
Cherry or peach TREE
Chocolate-coffee flavoring MOCHA
City north of Carson City RENO
Clean, as a pipe REAM
Clears the blackboard ERASES
Common condiment SALT
Confession confessions SINS
Constellation units STARS
Coral formation REEF
Cry like a lamb BLAT
Czech currency KORUNA
Dark volcanic rock BASALT
Director Craven WES
Do a carpenter's job SAW
Dude relative BRO
Fertilizer ingredient AMMONIA
Fielder's catcher GLOVE
Fishing line leader SNELL
Founder of Detroit CADILLAC
Gaggle formations VEES
Give more ammo to REARM
Grain cutters SCYTHES
Great Salt Lake's place UTAH
Greek marketplace AGORA
He's a menace DENNIS
He's known as "The Greatest" ALI
Heist spoils LOOT
High suffix EST
House on 17-Across MANSION
Improvise musically VAMP
Individualized atmosphere AURA
Inspire with affection ENAMOR
J.J. Hardy, for one ORIOLE
Jonah's destination NINEVEH
Large university room HALL
Lennon's bride ONO
Many a Saudi ARAB
Mathematician's unnamed ordinal NTH
Mine and thine OUR
Neighbor of Bolivia PERU
Nervously irritable EDGY
One on a high horse PRIG
Op-ed piece, e.g NEWSPAPERCOLUMN
Opera highlight ARIA
Physics "Law" OHMS
Place for a string of great estates MILLIONAIRESROW
Porky Pig's girlfriend PETUNIA
Portico's cousin VERANDA
Pub beverage ALE
Quarter turns ELLS
Raised-eyebrow remarks OHS
Santa follower, on a map ANA
Satisfied, as an obligation MET
Set fire to BURN
Single-___ (like an amoeba) CELLED
Sleeping disorder APNEA
Took a gander LOOKED
U.S. federal documents producer GPO
Warm-blooded creature MAMMAL
What ties can cause OVERTIME
Works for a Halloween apple BOBS
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