How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 22 2014

"60 Minutes" sound TICK
'Twixt Aug. and Oct SEPT
Absence of faith SPIRITUALVOID
Acrylic fiber trademark ORLON
Backless sofa DIVAN
Bar where sailors may stop SHOAL
Be in arrears OWE
Blue ribbon or gold star AWARD
Bounce on one's knee DANDLE
Chinese government offices YAMENS
Church niche APSE
City at the end of the Tiber OSTIA
Cologne that sounds forbidden TABU
Colorful rug from Scandinavia RYA
Conical living quarters TEPEE
Considerably ALOT
Cornell rival YALE
Describing Machu Picchu INCAN
Desire badly COVET
Downright blue LEWD
Elemental building block ATOM
Ending 'twixt 12 and 20 TEEN
Experiences FEELS
Expression of wonder OOH
Fail to include OMIT
Females at family reunions AUNTS
Fits, snits or furies IRES
Fourth of July coolers FANS
Fuss ADO
Get frosty ICEUP
Get out of debt REPAY
Greek cross TAU
Grow by addition ACCRUE
Hand over CEDE
Have answers KNOW
Inhabitant of a Middle Eastern peninsula YEMENI
Insect after metamorphosis IMAGO
Just what we need BARENECESSITIES
Keep one's distance from AVOID
Kind of dream or organ PIPE
Large fish CARP
Leader in a mosque IMAM
Like popular videos VIRAL
Like the piper in Hamelin PIED
Lowers, as lights DIMS
Meant for monarchs REGAL
Mighty small TEENY
Napping place CRIB
Novelist Wister OWEN
Olympic first lady HERA
Ordinary worker PROLE
Ploy that targets the gullible SCAM
Prepare a jack-o'-lantern CARVE
Prepare green beans SNAP
See through to the end PERSEVERE
Slow-moving lemur LORIS
Some flowery poems ODES
Soprano's neighbor ALTO
Sound from a kitten MEW
Spill remark OOPS
Split down the middle HALVE
Stable fellows? LIVERYMEN
Suffering writer's block COMINGUPEMPTY
Sun-baked brick ADOBE
Surveying EYING
They may have contacts EYES
They produce dandruff SCALPS
Topple over UPEND
Unconscious state COMA
What some see with Met tickets OPERA
Widow's inheritance DOWER
Word with "flotation" or "mnemonic" DEVICE
Xis' predecessors NUS
You might appear next to this ARE
___ the minute (current) UPTO
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