How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 14 2008

''. . . ___, read all about it!'' EXTRA
''Broom ___'' (comic strip) HILDA
''Nonsense,'' in Nottingham TOSH
''The Outer Limits'' extras ETS
1994 peace prize co-winner Arafat YASIR
Actress Gretchen MOL
Babylon's continent ASIA
Bit of a player's encouragement RAH
Boo-boo, in kidspeak OWIE
Business TV channel CNBC
Captain hanged in 1776 HALE
Cellphone creations, sometimes SNAPSHOTS
Cold War country USSR
Company that may not go off without a hitch? UHAUL
Contractors' figs. ESTS
Copper heads? ABES
Creole soup veggie OKRA
Dapper literary elephant BABAR
Descriptor for some dorms COED
Diagram in logic VENN
Dogpatch guy ABNER
End-of-the-wk. ''Yippee!'' TGIF
Executed a Mafia hit ICED
First word of ''The Raven'' ONCE
Former Apple rivals IBMS
Heartburn cause ACID
Held consistent views? STARED
Hogwarts letter carrier OWL
Hogwarts professor SNAPE
Immense VAST
Inhabitant's place ABODE
Junkyard guard ATTACKDOG
Like beefcake, as opposed to cheesecake MALE
Look down one's nose at DISDAIN
Mammoth HUGE
Mimic ECHO
Not chatty TERSE
One of Hook's gang SMEE
Parisian paramour AMIE
Partner of 34-Across WAX
Pasta sauce since 1937 RAGU
Period of gradual decline WANE
Perturbed VEXED
Publisher nicknamed ''Father Time'' LUCE
Pull in EARN
Roseanne's TV mom BEV
Rough woolen fabric TWEED
Secretly tie the knot ELOPE
Shampooed and moussed STYLED
Sitcom barfly NORM
Some plastic bricks LEGOS
Sometimes-poisonous shrub SUMAC
Stethoscope sound THUMP
Stopwatch units, briefly SECS
Swamp critter, for short CROC
Talkative bird MYNA
The farmer may be in it DELL
The hard stuff BOOZE
They're in taprooms ALES
They're used to rock the cradle YOYOS
Thunderstorm byproduct OZONE
Times to call, in some classifieds AMS
Took off LEFT
Vanilla extract amts. TSPS
Victorian and Elizabethan, e.g. ERAS
What drummers produce RHYTHMS
What ducks may be in AROW
Where some arrive to split RENO
Window or aisle SEAT
Word with ''clip'' or ''martial'' ART
Work party CREW
XP successor VISTA
You may need a dummy to practice it CPR
___ es Salaam (Tanzanian city) DAR
___-in-the-wall (dive) HOLE
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