How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 13 2005

''So that's it!'' AHA
''To ___ his own'' EACH
''___ bin ein Berliner'' ICH
''___ Jacques'' FRERE
''___ on Melancholy'' (Keats) ODE
100,000 BTUs THERM
A cause of bewilderment (Part 1) THEREASON
A primary color RED
Allergy season sound ACHOO
Bermuda, for one ONION
Blacksmith's tool RASP
Born, on the society pages NEE
Bow wood, sometimes YEW
Bulky grayish-brown eagle ERN
Calculator symbols DIGITS
Certain campaign money source PAC
Chefs' protectors MITTS
Concur AGREE
Director Kazan ELIA
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Eat more than one's fill GORGE
End of the cause (Part 5) TERRITORY
Fail to include OMIT
Feel more than disdain ABHOR
Florida citrus center OCALA
Gained a lap? SAT
Heidi's home ALPS
Help in a criminal act ABET
Historical chronicles ANNALS
Hwy. RTE
It's the loneliest number ONE
Just one of those things? THAT
Killer whale ORCA
Largest birds OSTRICHES
Listens to HEEDS
Long trailer AGO
Mattress maker SERTA
Med. school subject ANAT
Merit EARN
More of the cause (Part 2) SOMEPEOPLEGET
More of the cause (Part 3) LOSTINTHOUGHTIS
More of the cause (Part 4) ITSUNFAMILIAR
Mountain mammal GOAT
No alternative YES
Norwegian rug RYA
Not docked ATSEA
Noted literary initials EAP
Oath taker SWEARER
Oprah's ''The Color Purple'' role SOFIA
Prepares tea STEEPS
Primrose and bridle PATHS
Rand McNally subj. GEOG
Regret RUE
Replies of refusal NOS
Rich cake TORTE
Rose hazard THORN
Sister of Osiris ISIS
Skipper's distress call SOS
Slowing, in music (Abbr.) RIT
Smidgen IOTA
Smoker's amassment TAR
Something to chew CUD
Spanish kings REYES
Squirrel treat NUT
Start for legal or chute PARA
Start of many titles THE
Tall and thin REEDY
The fire station burned down, e.g. IRONY
Uncle in a top hat SAM
Vinegar holder CRUET
Vixen's master SANTA
Walk heavily and noisily TROMP
When mom gets her due MAY
Word with parking or odd LOT
Yoga class need MAT
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