How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 08 2013

". . . in ___-horse open sleigh" AONE
"Skedaddle!" SCRAM
"___ Vice" (Michael Mann TV series) MIAMI
A large number MANY
Acquire information, in a way READ
Acquire justifiably EARN
Angry crowd noise OUTCRY
Another dentist's order FLOSS
Backbone part SACRUM
Bartender's supply TONIC
Be worried FRET
Between mini- and maxi- MIDI
Blasting material TNT
Bunches of 35-Down, collectively WAD
Burning AFIRE
Butter look-alike OLEO
Carpentry groove DADO
Coin in an old Parisian fountain? FRANC
Contributes to the cause AIDS
Dentist's order RINSE
Disfigure DEFORM
Does 85 SPEEDS
Dramatic effect PAUSE
Fashion MAKE
Final parts TAILENDS
Fiver units ONES
Flashy car accessories MAGS
Frat row letter RHO
Goosebump-inducing EERIE
Grandkid of Eve ENOS
Greeting with the lei of the land ALOHA
Help with a prank ABET
Horne of the Cotton Club LENA
Irreparably broken KAPUT
It may be New York-style DELI
Keeps the engine running IDLES
Las Vegas glitter NEON
Long-haired cat ANGORA
Musical conclusion CODA
Of the Holy See PAPAL
On the calmer side, nautically ALEE
One way to be equipped ILL
Org. the Surgeon General addresses AMA
Outstanding amount DEBT
Overdoes the sweetness CLOYS
Pith helmet TOPI
Place in Norway OSLO
Place to rest for years TOMB
Presidential Seal symbol EAGLE
Prey in a mock hunt SNIPE
Psychic networker, supposedly SEER
Pull-down item MENU
Rank below marquis EARL
Rash treatment TALC
Ready a machete HONE
Resort amenities SPAS
Scottish land proprietor LAIRD
Shaped like a megaphone CONED
Shoelace sheath AGLET
Sidesplitting person RIOT
Something to shoot for PAR
Source of possible harm PERIL
Spout from the dais ORATE
Street coverage? TAR
Suspect's story ALIBI
Tall skinny guy BEANPOLE
Thaw, as a wing DEICE
Three crosses to bear COUNTRYSTITCHUP
Three crosses to bear BREEDWALKACTION
Tide variety NEAP
Trees loved by squirrels OAKS
Two crosses to bear LEGGEDREFERENCE
Vents malice on SPITES
View anew RESEE
Words with "precedent" or "good example" SETA
___ Bator ULAN
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