How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 06 2015

"Can you ___ little faster?" GOA
"Ha-ha," in email and texts LOL
"Positively" YES
"The doctor ___ see you now" WILL
"The Matrix" role for Keanu NEO
Achings YENS
Barber pole feature STRIPE
Barkeep's supply ICE
Basketball stadium ARENA
Bill passed regularly? TEN
Biological blueprint, briefly DNA
Bridge measurement SPAN
Buenos ___ AIRES
Cambridgeshire's Isle of ___ ELY
Certain petty officers, for short BOSUNS
Clothing, informally TOGS
Compound in some explosives NITER
Concerto finale, often RONDO
Cooking instruction STIR
Covered with fescue GRASSY
Does a thespian's job ACTS
Does in, in mob slang OFFS
Egg source HEN
Evoke emotion from GETTO
Exceedingly clever SHREWD
Exhaust, as strength DRAIN
Fatted fowl CAPON
Female in the forest DOE
Fraternity "T" TAU
Fun in a spray can SILLYSTRING
Gardener's spring purchase SEED
Group of ants COLONY
Hairstylist's concern SPLITENDS
Harbor bird SEAGULL
Home of Iowa State University AMES
Ill-gotten gain SWAG
It concludes the offseason OPENER
It landed at Plymouth MAYFLOWER
It's counterfeit FUNNYMONEY
Kids' card game CRAZYEIGHTS
Kitchen attire APRON
Like some yogurt FROZEN
Long, loose overcoat ULSTER
Lummox OAF
Matt Wieters, for one ORIOLE
Mexican finger food TACO
Minor altercation SPAT
Moves along quickly SCOOTS
Nell, lover of Charles II GWYN
Nonwindy side ALEE
NY time zone EST
Online address, familiarly URL
Open-topped bag TOTE
Operatic showpieces ARIAS
Passenger vehicle CAR
Poetic pastures LEAS
Pure as the driven snow CHASTE
Relaxation spot SPA
Remove slack from TAUTEN
Scissors minimum PAIR
Scolded (with "out") BAWLED
Skin affliction ACNE
Snatch suddenly GRAB
Stage accessory PROP
Start of the day SUNUP
Steamy or sultry SENSUAL
Sundae cone treat NUTTYBUDDY
Talk like thish SLUR
Tat-tat intro RATA
Those over there THEM
Three-legged ornamental table TEAPOY
Took heavy steps TROD
Vaccine target FLU
Vane dir., sometimes ENE
Visit the mall SHOP
Waterlogged lowland FEN
Word before wolf or Ranger LONE
___ Moines, Iowa DES
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