How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 06 2005

''. . . like ___ not!'' ITOR
''Great Expectations'' heroine ESTELLA
''Happy Days Are Here Again'' composer AGER
''Voila'' TADA
''___ It Romantic?'' ISNT
A long time follower AGO
About-face, for one ORDER
Airport screening org. TSA
Attack with vigor ASSAIL
Bangs, pops, clacks, e.g. NOISES
Be seen among moguls? SKI
Beatific being ANGEL
Became more complex EVOLVED
Bed boards SLATS
Before, once ERE
Biweekly tide NEAP
Black Hills st. SDAK
Calls to a shepherd BAAS
Chopper of trees HEWER
Command to a guest SIT
Common possessive HIS
Communist news source until 1991 PRAVDA
Cornerstone abbr. ESTAB
Cunning SLY
Current letters ACDC
Dangles a carrot in front of TEMPTS
Destructive current ELNINO
Distinguished wall covering IVY
Easy mark SAP
Eleventh largest lake in the world ERIE
Exist ARE
Extra NFL periods OTS
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Flying nuisance GNAT
Foot part SOLE
Frequent hot tub comments AHS
Greek goddess born armed for battle ATHENA
Greek war god ARES
Gush out SPEW
Haggling topic COST
Half or fast condition ASLEEP
Hallowed SACRED
Hasty, as a decision RASH
Horrified sound GASP
Howard of ''Gandhi'' TREVOR
In need of salt? ICY
Intense rage FURY
Introductory discourse PROEM
IRS and IRA expert CPA
It doesn't include overtime BASEPAY
It's a wrap? SERAPE
Jungle vine LIANA
Kind of helicopter APACHE
Kind of security SOCIAL
Knot in wool BURL
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Lance in the Los Angeles judicial system ITO
Legislative decisions ACTS
Lets the cat out of the bag TELLS
Letters on the cross INRI
Lid affliction (Var.) STYE
Little house wrecker TERMITE
Look or must adjunct SEE
Make a little ___ long way GOA
Make someone do something COMPEL
Male child LAD
Many a ''Lord of the Rings'' extra (with ''New'') ZEALANDER
Matter you mine ORE
Matterhorn, e.g. ALP
Memorable moralist AESOP
MIT grad, perhaps ENGR
Natural shade ECRU
New Zealand fruit or bird KIWI
No-brainer EASYONE
Not at all well-done RARE
One of the back forty ACRE
One way to go to a dance STAG
Orchestras tune to this OBOE
Org. recommending brushing ADA
Part of a magician's phrase ABRA
Pinocchio type LIAR
Place for hornet nests, often EAVES
Police command when arresting a nymph? FREEZEDRYAD
Port city in Japan on Osaka Bay KOBE
Postprandial chore DISHES
Prefix meaning ''false'' PSEUD
Prefix with skeleton, scope or spore ENDO
Raise, as a child NURTURE
Rathbone role HOLMES
Redo a crossword clue EDIT
Reduce activity RAMPDOWN
Request ASKFOR
Reveal LETON
Revise EDIT
Rikki-___-Tavi TIKKI
Rocky hill TOR
Room at the top ATTIC
Roundish OVAL
Scott of an 1856 Supreme Court case DRED
Set fire to TORCH
Setting for Shields, once LAGOON
Sharpen, as a skill HONE
Sheriff's groups POSSES
Shirt insert LABEL
Sights when losing a yacht race AFTS
Sissy's role CARRIE
Ski mask feature EYEHOLE
Slew, in slang OFFED
Some deli orders BLTS
Something close to your heart? AORTA
Speech at a major high school dance? PROMADDRESS
Support a church, in a way TITHE
Supports for laths STUDS
Switch parties at a protest? ADJUSTCAUSE
Take advantage of USE
They end paper trails SHREDDERS
They're spent in Oman RIALS
Thomas of ''The Age of Reason'' PAINE
Thoroughly confused ADDLED
Three notes, often CHORD
Tonto portrayer Silverheels JAY
Trace the shape of DELINEATE
TV doctor ''at home'' with unusual cases? GREGORYHOUSE
TV doctor known for a ''keen'' wit? HAWKEYEPIERCE
TV doctor who ''lifts'' self-esteem? FRASIERCRANE
TV doctor working with a ''flock'' of interns? DEREKSHEPHERD
TV maker with a canine mascot RCA
Ultimate conclusion ENDALL
Uncommon sense ESP
Unnaturally platinum DYED
Very muscular BRAWNY
Victorian, for one ERA
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Weapon in the game Clue ROPE
Weapons cache ARSENAL
Wearing cross-trainers, perhaps SHOD
What a borrower carries DEBT
What pampas don't have TREES
Where the buck stops HERE
Where the world is flat MAP
Winemaker's aboveground storage CHAI
Word with ''sand'' or ''speed'' TRAP
Word with satellite or side DISH
Words of wisdom from Little Havana? MIAMIADVICE
Yarn unit SKEIN
You might get one in a booth TAN
___ Bill of legend PECOS
___ excellence PAR
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