How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 05 2018

'Cheer up!' snapoutofit
'Dig in!' eat
'My Way' lyricist Paul anka
'Santa Baby' singer Kitt eartha
'Shucks!' drat
31-Across' seed bearer cone
A 'Three Sisters' sister olga
Aloha State port hilo
Alternative handle alias
Ammunition giant olin
Angle symbol, in trigonometry theta
Begin to grin crackasmile
Bisque morsel clam
Bracket shape ell
Colorful parrot macaw
Common Christmas display lights
Common Christmas tree fir
Cornhusker's gridiron rival sooner
Dating from asof
Detroit Pistons great Thomas isiah
Didn't straphang sat
Doohickey gizmo
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) alba
Earl ___ tea grey
Emerge explosively burstforth
False front sham
Far from certain iffy
Fingerboard ridge fret
Flight board figs etas
Follow, as a suspect tail
Fool around (with) tamper
Fraternity event rush
Frolic about gambol
Give kudos to laud
Gives the go-ahead to okays
Go against the grain, so to speak breakranks
Goes no further ends
Got under the skin of riled
Gulf Coast state (Abbr.) ala
Handmade crafts site etsy
Headed for the hills fled
Home on a limb, perhaps nest
Houseflies' undoings swats
How hermits live alone
Let out, as a fishing line unreel
Letter after 12-Down iota
Like an owl, it's said wise
Line of work metier
Milk source udder
Mined matter ore
Minnelli of 'Cabaret' liza
More crafty slyer
Mourner's feeling grief
Much of the time alot
Naturally deep-rooted inbred
On the fritz kaput
Orbital periods years
Oval Office honcho, acronymically potus
Overhead compartment items bags
Passenger-wanding org tsa
Passing notice, briefly obit
Puts together in a makeshift way rigsup
Rapper Kanye west
Risky venture, briefly spec
River teeming with crocodiles nile
Roll of fabric bolt
Sandusky River's lake erie
Send, as to a specialist refer
Shipwreck site, perhaps reef
Sierra ___ (African land) leone
Singer with Count and Duke ella
Street of Perry Mason novels della
Takes a powder lams
The Tramp's love lady
Weasel relative marten
Where surfers place bids ebay
Word before bump or pump fist
WWII sea menace uboat
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