How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 01 2017

"A jug of wine . . ." poet OMAR
"A ___ pittance!" MERE
"Auntie" of stage and screen MAME
"Home on the Range" players DEER
"I'll handle it!" CANDO
"Just the facts, ___" MAAM
"Right you ___!" ARE
"___ as we speak . . ." EVEN
A bank may hold it LIEN
Any of the Florida Keys ISLE
Aphid's meal SAP
Appointment made via Skype, say EDATE
Attired like many superheroes CAPED
Baltic Sea port RIGA
Bit of commotion TODO
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Camera's black-and-white option MONOCHROMEMODE
Come to mind ARISE
Crocus's family IRIS
Cry answered by "Polo!" MARCO
Cutting, as a remark SNIDE
Dallas sch SMU
Dollar, slangily CLAM
Donned the feedbag ATE
Drive mad DERANGE
Effective force PRIMEMOVER
Family crest inscription NAME
Gave up, as rights CEDED
Get mileage from USE
Goofing off IDLE
Grid Hall of Famer Favre BRETT
Having a short fuse HOTHEADED
Henderson of Superman comics, e.g INSPECTOR
Ivanovic who was No. 1 in women's tennis ANA
Jam session selection SONG
Like many rooters AVID
Many 35mm-to-DVD transfers HOMEMOVIES
Market oversupply GLUT
Navel orange's lack SEED
Official with a whistle, for short REF
Org. encouraging healthy lifestyles AMA
Parks of Miss America pageants BERT
Part of a three-key PC combo ALT
Payment at a plaza TOLL
Performer with an attitude DIVA
Place for chin-ups BAR
Reagan ___ ERA
Robert Fulton power source STEAM
Run off to the J.P ELOPE
Seeks the hand of WOOS
Seldom spotted RARE
Send sky-high ELATE
Shiite leader IMAM
Ship to Colchis ARGO
Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25" ADELE
Skeletal representation of a 3-D object WIREFRAMEMODEL
Sneaker insert INNERSOLE
Sports blowout ROUT
Stand in a loft, perhaps EASEL
Still in the game ALIVE
Straw topper that's really from Ecuador PANAMAHAT
Surveillance device, for short CAM
That certain something AURA
To a degree, slangily SORTA
Tough nut to crack POSER
Trailer haulers' needs HITCHES
Turnip or rutabaga ROOT
Type of haircut or rug SHAG
Utah ski area ALTA
Virginia's ___ Caverns LURAY
Witch's warty protuberance NOSE
Woad or indigo DYE
Woodwind with a conical bore OBOE
Yakked, yakked, yakked RANON
You're reading one now CLUE
___ culpa MEA
___ out (withdrew) OPTED
___ Sremmurd (hip-hop duo with the hit "Black Beatles") RAE
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