How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 30 2017

"Ah, me!" sound SIGH
"Big Three" summit site of 1945 YALTA
"Chicago Med" areas (Abbr.) ERS
"Downward-facing dog" discipline YOGA
"Guitar Town" country singer Steve EARLE
"Lust, Caution" director Lee ANG
"Many moons ___ . . ." AGO
"The Dead Zone" subj ESP
1996 role for Madonna EVAPERON
Advantageous position CATBIRDSEAT
Appear in public BESEEN
Attaches, as a button SEWSON
Back in the day ONCE
Banks nicknamed "Mr. Cub" ERNIE
Baseball bat wood ASH
Be a suitor to WOO
Bell-shaped bloom TULIP
Big Island port HILO
Bond on the run ELOPE
British spa city BATH
Brother of Ophelia, in "Hamlet" LAERTES
Brought the curtain down on ENDED
Card game for two WAR
Color chart selection HUE
Deg. held by George W. Bush MBA
Disparaging remarks SLURS
eBay offer BID
Expresses sorrow or joy WEEPS
Falco of "The Menendez Murders" EDIE
Game with mallets POLO
Get wind of HEAR
Home to many ski chalets ALPS
Israeli desert region NEGEV
Item in a sports bar array, perhaps PLASMATV
Landing area on a rooftop HELIPAD
Le Pew or Le Moko PEPE
Lean against ABUT
Leeway in negotiations WIGGLEROOM
Lends a hand HELPS
Like a filet BONED
Like Mantle rookie cards RARE
Living room piece SETTEE
Make less stressful EASE
Mascara mishap SMEAR
Narc's discovery STASH
Neighbor of Java BALI
NYC theater district BWAY
Off-topic remark ASIDE
Online party reminder EVITE
Orange tuber YAM
Pickup truck's cargo area BED
Piece of pie or cheese WEDGE
Place for a nest or icicle EAVE
Poor, as excuses go SAD
Porter relative ALE
Preposition in odes ERE
Repetitive way to learn BYROTE
Shopaholic's mecca MALL
Source of 16-Across TAP
Spot on a radar screen BLIP
Spy-fi figs AGTS
Superhero's nemesis EVILDOER
Supine sledder's ride LUGE
Thick soup POTAGE
Totally botch RUIN
Totally lose it GOAPE
Toyota Corolla, e.g SEDAN
TV host who starred in "Coming to America" ARSENIOHALL
Underline or italicize, say STRESS
Upper canine EYETOOTH
Upper surface of an aquifer WATERTABLE
Utter nonsense TRIPE
Vicksburg soldier, briefly REB
What one can do to the last parts of 17- and 58-Across and 11- and 28-Down RESERVE
Windy City hub OHARE
Wistful word ALAS
Workout counts REPS
YouTube clips, briefly VIDS
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