How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 30 2009

". . . and that's final!" PERIOD
". . . and threw up the ___" SASH
". . . two ___ for a 20?" TENS
"Desperate Housewives" is one PRIMETIMESOAP
"Drugstore Cowboy" star Dillon MATT
"Grapes of Wrath" character OKIE
"Ivanhoe" damsel ROWENA
"Kiss the chef" garment APRON
"Slow and steady wins the race," for one MORAL
"The Super ___ Shuffle" BOWL
"West Side Story" love song MARIA
"___-di-dah!" LAH
Abbr. on a can of motor oil SAE
About to blow IRATE
Abreast of AUFAIT
Academy offering AWARD
Affixes ADDS
Allay EASE
Alligator's haunt MARSH
Alpine crests ARETES
Announces TELLS
Apollo 11, for one MOONSHOT
Archaeological excavation DIG
Arguments SPATS
Bagel choice SESAME
Bambinos TOTS
Banish OUST
Barely burn SINGE
Based on fact ACTUAL
Be a peddler VEND
Biblical fratricide victim ABEL
Big bang source TNT
Bit of biographical info AGE
Brewskis BEERS
Brute OGRE
Campaign poster word ELECT
Canal site EAR
Cap on the Clyde TAM
Chicken quarters COOP
Clink, at sea BRIG
Cloister garb HABIT
Comes into possession of GETS
Construction locale SITE
Cosecant's reciprocal SINE
D.C. go-getter POL
Dinero of a sort PESO
Dish of many ingredients OLIO
Dog that should be on a leash CUR
Draped garment SARI
Emulate Thomas DOUBT
Epitome of stubbornness MULE
Eruption fallout ASH
Evaluate for tax purposes ASSESS
Fail to keep up with LAG
Famous Siamese twin ENG
Fashionable resorts SPAS
Follower of 63-Down TEE
For the most part LARGELY
General indicator? STAR
Gifted person? DONEE
Govt. documents group GPO
Grammer of "Frasier" KELSEY
Handy carrier TRAY
Has a payment booklet OWES
Hindu title (Var.) BABOO
Hose hue, sometimes ECRU
Ides of March word BEWARE
Impart for a while LEND
Impertinent SAUCY
Impromptu, as a committee ADHOC
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Intense criticism FLAK
It means little to Chirac PETIT
It's better than never? LATE
It's left to horses HAW
Kathleen Battle's field OPERA
Lacing facilitator EYELET
Liver product BILE
Lose tautness SAG
Low-grade wool MUNGO
Misfit, proverbially AFISHOUTOFWATER
Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish) SHU
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Natural asset RESOURCE
Neighbor of Chevy Chase BETHESDA
Nickname for some mothers MAS
Not merely chubby OBESE
Not very healthy-looking PALE
Ocean route SEAWAY
Old radio components VACUUMTUBES
One who brings a legal action SUER
Opp. of horizontal VERT
Opposite of "Hooray!" ALAS
Place for an acting president? SET
Place of many changes CABANA
Place of much wallowing STY
Place where sweaters get fit? GYM
Playful tunes DITTIES
Prenatal cradle UTERUS
Prepared prunes STEWED
Pretense GUISE
Promotional lotteries SWEEPSTAKES
Punjabi prince (Var.) RAJA
Put forward an opinion POSIT
Quarter moon tide NEAP
Quicken the pace HIE
Raffle ticket part STUB
Record, as a wedding TAPE
Result of a cannonball SPLASH
Result of labor? BABY
Romantically involved couple ITEM
Rough wool fabric TWEED
Ruptured TORE
Sandler of Hollywood ADAM
Sashimi selection TUNA
Say it's so ALLEGE
Sends off EMITS
Shipping-department need TAPE
Sicily's famous volcano ETNA
Social position STATUS
Some Michelangelo works PIETAS
Sound in a famous Alka-Seltzer ad PLOP
Spam container EMAIL
Spare key hider MAT
Spills hot coffee on SCALDS
Stern-faced tool? OAR
Suffering from insomnia AWAKE
Superman's symbol ESS
Tabloid subject CELEB
Tennis champ Bjorn BORG
Tinkerbell's trail PIXIEDUST
Tips at sea LISTS
To this day YET
Tough and courageous GRITTY
Trucker's selection GEAR
Undivided ONE
Up to the present YET
Upper pelvic bones ILIA
Venom, e.g. TOXIN
Verdugo of "Marcus Welby, M.D." ELENA
Visibility reducer SMOG
Wail from a bagpipe SKIRL
Where over half the world lives ASIA
Where to spend kips LAOS
Wonderland visitor ALICE
Word with "main" or "blessed" EVENT
Word with "track" or "swap" MEET
Words with a certain ring? IDO
You may hear it coming and going ALOHA
___ Khan (Muslim title) AGHA
___ many irons in the fire TOO
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