How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 28 2015

"Beau Geste" author WREN
"Or" follower ELSE
"Paradise ___" LOST
"The First ___" (December ditty) NOEL
43,560 square feet ACRE
A type of box STRONG
A type of room or conductor GUEST
Advanced in years AGED
All but a few MOST
Bamboozled one's thought IMAMONKEYSUNCLE
Bar brawl MELEE
Break bread DINE
Cavern, in poetry ANTRE
Chilled ICED
Chinese idea TAO
Comment while pointing out a lawyer HESALEGALBEAGLE
Cram-session cause TEST
Curly's brother MOE
El toro's adversary TORERO
Express team? PONIES
Fan's description of Marilyn Monroe SHESTHECATSMEOW
Fighter-plane action STRAFE
Four-and-twenty blackbirds' place PIE
Funny-farm resident LOON
Go gadding ROAM
Goes underground HIDES
Gordon of the comics FLASH
High riser SPIRE
Hole-punching tool AWL
Indian, for one OCEAN
Insect feeding stage LARVA
Ivan was one TSAR
Journalist Greeley HORACE
Jukebox verb SELECT
Kill or delight SLAY
Languidness ENNUI
Latin existence ESSE
Leave out OMIT
Less refined RAWER
Long sentence division YEAR
Lure into trouble ENTRAP
Makeshift shed LEANTO
Marathon data TIMES
Mata Hari portrayer GARBO
Muslim title AGHA
Note taker (Abbr.) STENO
Overhaul REDO
Part of a Western set TROUGH
Pirate's libation GROG
Play rooms? SETS
Poetic before ERE
Preceding AFORE
Proves literacy READS
Put an apprehension to bed ALLAY
Radar return ECHO
Revue segment SKIT
Romeo's front ALFA
Salon action DYE
Shade of brown COCOA
Simple resting place COT
Skye cap TAM
Slangy affirmative YEP
Some singles BLOOPS
Sometimes it's hidden AGENDA
Statements from a black sheep BAAS
Steak go-with ALE
Stippling stand EASEL
Stuff in the basement? STORE
Suggestive glance LEER
Surmounting ATOP
Sweeten the deal ENTICE
Tamperer hamperer SEAL
Type of lake CRATER
Ugly weather SLEET
Use footnotes CITE
What Churchill flashed VSIGNS
Where the buck stops HERE
___ de bourree PAS
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