How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 27 2018

'A Bug's Life' bug ant
'Baby ___' (Poehler/Fey movie) mama
'Come & Get It' dog food brand alpo
'I had no ___!' idea
'Leave it to me' ican
'More ___ than a barrel of monkeys!' fun
'Quaking' tree aspen
'Sour grapes' fabulist aesop
'___ Finest Hour' (Churchill book) their
Agent with a fake passport, perhaps spy
Bedtime reading fairytale
Brit's bathroom lav
Bullet train crew? expresscorps
Chum, at a tackle shop bait
Cirrus cloud shapes wisps
Civil War song dixie
Colored part of the eye iris
Comedian's comment quip
Comedian's repertoire gags
Comic with a prominent chin leno
Composer Webern or Bruckner anton
Department store founder R.H. ___ macy
Drag one's feet stall
Enjoys a Havana smokes
Flying-related aero
Game show host living abroad now? expatsajak
Google's messaging service gmail
Guy fella
Hard thing to kick, perhaps habit
High-tech exhibition region? expovalley
Hurried pace haste
In fine fettle well
Inauguration Day mo jan
Kellogg's waffle eggo
Less inhibited freer
Like a wet noodle limp
Like many postcard photos scenic
Like-minded voting group bloc
Live and breathe exist
Low-lying areas vales
Marvel's Wolverine or Storm xman
Message with emojis, perhaps text
Metal in an Oscar statuette tin
Move like a moth flit
Not quite closed ajar
Number of Q's in this diagram one
Oil-rich Persian Gulf land qatar
On deck next
Ornamental green stone jade
Performers on a 3-Down band
Polygraph detections lies
Prisoners' exercise areas yards
Put into a huff miff
Red Sox manager Cora alex
Repair bill component labor
Rights-protecting org aclu
Salsa singer Cruz celia
Salt's 'Halt!' avast
Santa's haul toys
Scatter's syllables lala
Seller of cinnamon, cloves and ginger? extracthouse
Serengeti roarer lion
Slender woodwinds oboes
Snail's trail slime
Some surrealist works dalis
Sound of a dud pfft
Stab-wound memento scar
Texas city on the Rio Grande elpaso
Tidied up neat
Top-drawer elite
Versatile vehicles, for short utes
Where the top acts play, at festivals mainstage
Where yodelers yodel alps
Wine taster's asset palate
Winter bug flu
Wood-shaping tool plane
___ Sea (onetime Asian lake) aral
___:Apple::Alexa:Amazon siri
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