How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 25 2009

". . . in no way, shape or ___" FORM
"A neat ship is a sweet ship," e.g. ADAGE
"Batman" sound effect BAM
"Brown Eyed Girl" singer Morrison VAN
"Doctor Who" network BBC
"Going ___ . . ." (auction phrase) ONCE
"I Love Lucy" name ETHEL
"Mighty Aphrodite" star Sorvino MIRA
"Miss Saigon" abode HUT
"Must-see" review RAVE
"Neither a borrower ___ . . ." NOR
"Shallow ___" (2001 Jack Black movie) HAL
"Stop" hue RED
"The Entertainer" and others RAGS
"Woe is me!" ALAS
1773 jetsam in Boston Harbor TEA
Abominable hopper FLEA
Accessory worn with a kilt TAM
Acknowledge a stimulus REACT
Across from (Abbr.) OPP
Actor Savalas TELLY
Actor's prompt CUE
Actress Lenya LOTTE
Adopted family member PET
Alcott heroine BETH
All dried out SERE
All in the family KIN
Almost never RARELY
Angle symbol, in trigonometry THETA
Antelope playground? RANGE
Atlas detail INSET
Attorney's org. ABA
Away from aweather ALEE
Bacon's partner EGGS
Be inclined (to) TEND
Better suited to the occasion APTER
Billy Joel's "Tell ___ About It" HER
Bio relative CHEM
Bishop's vestment ALB
Bit of color SPECKLE
Black gold CRUDEOIL
Bon ___ (witticism) MOT
Bon-voyage party places DOCKS
Brigham Young University city PROVO
Bummed out GLUM
Bunnies under the bed DUST
Center of Minoan culture CRETE
Certain fan in Wisconsin CHEESEHEAD
Chick-___-A (fast food chain) FIL
Clay-pigeon sport SKEET
Clever trick ARTIFICE
Cluster, as of feathers TUFT
Colored part of the eye UVEA
Come to pass OCCUR
Company of characters CAST
Conjurer EVOKER
Construction projects ROADS
Cost to cross TOLL
Crow relative? BRAG
Detach by tearing UNRIP
Diminutive drum TABOR
Disabled, as a horse LAME
East Asian nursemaid AMAH
Embarrassing display SCENE
Estate beneficiary HEIR
Et ___ (and others) ALIA
Extravagant affair GALA
Fill with consternation APPALL
Finish a crossword puzzle SOLVE
First canonical hour MATIN
First set of wheels, maybe TRICYCLE
Fish's breathing apparatus GILL
Flat, like beer STALE
Foggy image BLUR
Follow after ENSUE
Fries a little SAUTES
From that cause THEREOF
Furnish AFFORD
Gang's land TURF
Government proclamation EDICT
Gum, for some? RHYME
Hard drive item FILE
Hard to clean up MESSY
Have a belly laugh ROAR
Heavyweight bout? SUMO
Highway headache TIEUP
Insincere flattery SMARM
It settles on petals BEE
Jim of "ABC's Wide World of Sports" MCKAY
Jim-dandy AONE
Kindergarten outlay MILKMONEY
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness IDEALS
Like a feared reaper GRIM
Like much marshland REEDY
Lily in a wedding bouquet CALLA
Madame of opera BUTTERFLY
Moose relatives ELKS
Muck-a-muck BIGCHEESE
Muslim title of respect (Var.) AGHA
Nightly application, for some COLDCREAM
Nineteenth Greek letter TAU
Nineteenth-century samurai home EDO
No charge FREE
Not ajar SHUT
Not in jail FREE
Oklahoma's time zone CENTRAL
Opaque vase material MILKGLASS
Optimistic ROSY
Ore pockets LODES
Parsley, sage and thyme partner ROSEMARY
Per person EACH
Play button's alternate function, often PAUSE
Point on a radar screen BLIP
Popular and then some HOT
Porker's pad STY
Possessive pronoun HER
Prickly-leaved plant TEASEL
Pumpernickel alternatives RYES
Restrained a la Rover LEASHED
Sao ___, Brazil PAULO
Sci-fi sidekick, sometimes BOT
Seven nymphs of Greek myth PLEIADES
Shoot for (with "to") ASPIRE
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Slowly, on scores LENTO
Some store openings? DOUBLEDOORS
Spot for a daredevil EDGE
Squabble ARGUE
Stolen goods dealer FENCE
Substance used to curdle milk RENNET
Swindle CON
Take testimony from HEAR
Taunting one GIBER
Test answer, at times TRUE
Time for caroling YULE
Time of reckoning DDAY
Treat badly ABUSE
Uses one of the senses HEARS
Verb for Simon SAYS
Versatile opener SKELETONKEY
Violin's predecessor REBEC
Vitamin C source LIME
Walk stealthily SLINK
Weakling's desserts? CREAMPUFFS
Westminster attraction ABBEY
Whimpers PULES
Willow twig OSIER
Wish undone RUE
Word with "movie" or "television" SET
Yellow flower BUTTERCUP
Yuletide worker ELF
Zapped, in a way LASED
Ziggurat features TIERS
___ Council ("Survivor" gathering) TRIBAL
___ Romeo (Italian car) ALFA
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