How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 24 2010

"Cheers" regular NORM
"Do ___ say, not . . ." ASI
"Don't change it" STET
"Married . . . with Children" mother PEG
"My kingdom for ___!" AHORSE
"Some Like It Hot" co-star CURTIS
2002 film about Manfred and Sid ICEAGE
Add highlights to, at a salon DYE
Add-on to an if-then statement ELSE
Almond-flavored liqueurs AMARETTOS
Always, in poesy EER
Assent to the captain AYE
Balaam's beast ASS
Be choosy? OPT
Berman the sportscaster LEN
Bit of monkey business ANTIC
Black-and-orange bird ORIOLE
Blew by a drummer? FIFED
Boxing ring official (Abbr.) REF
Cabinet item CURIO
Caroler's number NOEL
Charades player, at times APER
Command to Fido BEG
Corporate bigwig's deg., perhaps MBA
Crude place? REFINERY
Cruising the Caribbean, e.g. ASEA
Daytona event RACE
Demonstrating proper behavior on the field BEINGAGOODSPORT
Destinies, to some KARMAS
Diagonal nautical pole SPRIT
Dumbarton denizens SCOTS
Eagerly anticipating AGOG
Embossed snack OREO
Entrance fee ADMISSION
Extinct, flightless bird of New Zealand MOA
Feature of many sci-fi films ALIENLIFEFORM
Fleur de ___ LIS
Gardener's soil LOAM
Geological span ERA
Get rid of REMOVE
Giant Mel in the Hall of Fame OTT
Grenade ingredient TNT
Ham-and-___ (average Joe) EGGER
Henning or McClure DOUG
Humiliate MORTIFY
Involuntary contractions TICS
It may be sun-brewed TEA
James Taylor's "___ Got a Friend" YOUVE
Kind of pan FRYING
Like apparel donned in a Christmas carol GAY
Like music composed for a libretto OPERATIC
Like the ending of "Romeo and Juliet" TRAGIC
Meany of literature OWEN
Men with polish GENTS
Middle Eastern muck-a-muck (Var.) AMIR
Mystical secrets ARCANA
Of the same family AKIN
Ontario's ___ Locks SOO
Passenger RIDER
Periodontist's concerns GUMS
Pester continuously NAG
Practically touching NEAR
Pushover SOFTY
Rabbits' tails, e.g. SCUTS
Risked getting a ticket SPED
Seventeenth Greek letter RHO
Shopper's consideration PRICE
Steinbeck title direction EAST
Step separator RISER
Street hustler's games MONTES
Strict conformity to the letter of the law LEGALISM
They're barely passing DEES
Unfaithful lover TWOTIMER
___ de vie (brandy) EAU
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