How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 23 2015

"Act your ___!" AGE
"Aw" follower GEE
"File not found," for example ERROR
"Go on . . ." AND
"Gunsmoke" setting, briefly DODGE
"If ___ told you once . . ." IVE
"Measure twice, cut once," e.g ADAGE
"Much ___ About Nothing" (Shakespeare) ADO
"My Cherie ___" (Stevie Wonder hit) AMOUR
"___ for the poor!" ALMS
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Adroit maneuvering FINESSE
As to PER
Balsamic, cider or white VINEGAR
Barney on "The Simpsons," for one SOT
Beach sculptures SANDCASTLES
Bert Bobbsey's twin NAN
Bridal wreath shrub SPIREA
Certain hearings OYERS
Children, to a department-store Santa LAPFULS
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Clue on "CSI" FIBER
Common scale topper TEN
Compressed-air tool SANDBLASTER
Constructed BUILT
Construction location SITE
Dishwasher's sinkful SUDS
Dreadlocked one, informally RASTA
Easy infield fly POPUP
Entices using trickery BAITS
Even more despicable VILER
Eye-opening problem? STYE
Faux ___ (social slip-up) PAS
Feel compassion for PITY
Fire truck attachments LADDERS
First in courage BRAVEST
Full of pep LIVELY
Globe or sphere ORB
Historic period ERA
Hologram illuminator LASER
Ice-cream receptacles CONES
Italian money, once LIRA
Kind of financing, for short APR
Liftoff preceder? ONE
Like this puzzle? SANDY
Limerick's land EIRE
Malicious ill-will SPITE
Manage, as a business OVERSEE
Maximizing suffix EST
Musical compositions SONGS
Neither's go-with NOR
Nest up high AERIE
Nickname within the family, sometimes AUNTY
Nitrous ___ (laughing gas) OXIDE
Not at all wordy TERSE
Painter's plaster GESSO
Paperless messages EMAILS
Part of being a pool shark SANDBAGGING
Pertaining to the Holy See PAPAL
Pro basketball game site ARENA
Road crew's supply TAR
Rosy projection? PETAL
Royal domain REALM
Savings option IRA
Sheep's cry BLEAT
Smoothed, as wood SANDPAPERED
Some Pepsi purchases LITERS
State of constant change FLUX
Taro root EDDO
The end, in Revelation OMEGA
TV characters Olchin and Kovak SPENCES
Valuable stone GEM
Visa rival, for short AMEX
Where to go when running on empty GASPUMP
Wood choppers AXES
Yolk ___ (egg part) SAC
Zip in soccer NIL
___ in a blanket PIGS
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