How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 20 2013

". . . and make it snappy!" ASAP
"Believe you me!" TRUE
"Get ___!" ("Control yourself!") AGRIP
"I Love a Parade" composer Harold ARLEN
"I'm ___ you now!" ONTO
"Now hold on there!" STOP
"On what date?" WHEN
"Once more" AGAIN
36-inch units YARDS
Accomplishment DEED
American ostriches RHEAS
Aphid, to a fruit tree PEST
Arrive at the wrong place WINDUPELSEWHERE
Asian secret society TONG
Award for a good student STAR
Bard's inspiration ERATO
Be in charge of HEAD
Brain output IDEA
Can't be without NEED
Car that's seen better days HEAP
Carpet alternative RUG
Coach K's school DUKE
College student's secondary focus MINOR
Coming of age ADULTHOOD
Complained endlessly WHINEDNONSTOP
Continental currency EURO
Cost increase HIKE
Crumpets partner TEA
Dad, to Grandpa SON
Dainty PRIM
Dance contest blunder TRIP
Danson on the screen TED
Depict artistically LIMN
Dissolves into a puddle MELTS
Do more than apologize ATONE
Electrician's mantra? OHM
Email that's likely to be deleted SPAM
Emphatic turndown NOHOW
Execution loop NOOSE
Feted lavishly WINEDANDDINED
Fungus that can affect wheat crops ERGOT
Greek sandwiches GYROS
Gymnastic or bowling feats SPLITS
Hall of Fame manager Weaver EARL
Hems' partners HAWS
Hit the hammock REST
Jeopardy PERIL
Jong with a "Fear of Fifty" ERICA
Launch skyward SENDUP
Lavatory sign GENTS
Midmonth, to Caesar IDES
New Mexico art town TAOS
Often critical innings NINTHS
Opera highlight ARIA
Orange vegetables YAMS
Part of a skirt HEM
Places humans evolve? UTERI
Pottery piece SHARD
Radio Flyer toy SLED
Ranger Smith's cartoon nemesis YOGI
Relaxed on the sofa SAT
Reverberate ECHO
Rodents do it GNAW
Social unit living together MENAGE
Steed shade ROAN
Stuffed delicacy DERMA
Sulfuric, for one ACID
Talent hound SCOUT
Three in key TRIO
Transference of thought TELEPATHY
Undercover apparatus WIRE
Which cheek to turn? OTHER
Willow tree OSIER
Wish to take back RUE
Yellow-centered bloomer, sometimes ASTER
___ and wherefores WHYS
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