How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 20 2007

''Norma ___'' RAE
''Skoal'' or ''prosit'' TOAST
''Where's the beef'' lady CLARA
A Baldwin bro ALEC
A soft place to dance ONAIR
An organic compound ENOL
Assistant AIDE
Author Bagnold ENID
Be in accord AGREE
Bill of sale TITLE
Bobby with a stick ORR
Breath-holder's utterance, perhaps HIC
Broadway show based on a comic strip ANNIE
Bulgarian coins LEVA
Cafe reading MENU
Casa material, perhaps ADOBE
Charity ALMS
Co. that originated the ''Think'' motto NCR
Commotion ADO
Cookout area PATIO
Cruise SAIL
Cry of triumph AHA
Curved molding OVOLO
Decorate ADORN
Do tire maintenance ROTATE
Drink coolant ICE
Editor, essentially CORRECTOR
Ephemeral heavenly blaze NOVA
First word of a southern celebration MARDI
Fond du ___ LAC
Fur wrap STOLE
Genetic factor RNA
Glaswegian SCOT
It comes from moss PEAT
It follows fa SOL
It goes with tele- or epi- GRAM
Kind of module LUNAR
Leave out OMIT
Lemur's hangout TREE
Lie or murder, e.g. SIN
Lionel, for one TRAINSET
Little one TOT
Magazine come-ons ADS
Map book ATLAS
Med. org. NIH
Middle of the quip CLONESHOULDITBE
Mrs. Peel's job AVENGE
Musical opus MOTET
NATO member USA
Opposite of stem STERN
Part of A.D. ANNO
Physicist Paul Adrien Maurice DIRAC
Recognize ACCREDIT
Role for Valerie RHODA
Roman Gabriel, once RAM
Samovar URN
Scarlett's home TARA
Sculled OARED
Shade trees ELMS
Spicy sausage SALAMI
Start of a quip IFDRACULAHADA
Steakhouse order RARE
Supportive of PRO
Take it all off? UNLOAD
Telling stories LYING
The Everly Brothers' ''___ I Kissed You'' TIL
The Famous cookie guy AMOS
The right-hand page RECTO
Thespian ACTOR
Time for eggnog NOEL
Took it on the lam RAN
Vein contents ORE
Verdant LEAFY
Waterfalls CATARACTS
We hope they meet ENDS
Wet month APRIL
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