How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 19 2003

"Arthur" star Moore DUDLEY
"Jurassic Park" menace TREX
"Messiah," for one ORATORIO
"Sesame Street" subject ABCS
"So there!" HAH
"___ don't say!" YOU
"___ the ramparts . . ." OER
Augusta player ELS
Bart and Brenda STARRS
Be given TEND
Borodin's "Prince ___" IGOR
Cambodian currency RIEL
Campus URL completer EDU
Carmela portrayer EDIE
Catch, as in a net ENMESH
Cause for discussion TOPIC
Cherry, for one TOMATO
Chichén Itzá builders MAYA
Compassionate HUMANE
Contrary start NON
DDE predecessor HST
Dijon dad PERE
Disgorge SPEW
End of the scenario MAMAANDPAUPER
Enthusiastic AVID
Entirety SUM
Fuss ADO
Geller of psychic fame URI
Harmony UNISON
Hasta luego ADIOS
Highway advisory SLOW
In ___ of LIEU
Inserts ADDS
Intelligence purveyor SPY
It gets in a pickle DILL
It's positive YES
Lahr of "The Wizard of Oz" BERT
Like Michelangelo's David NUDE
Locked SHUT
Made from scratch HOMEMADE
Madison Avenue honor CLIO
Make confetti of RIPUP
Matadors' motivation OLES
Meager PUNY
Meander ROVE
Medieval defense feature MOAT
Moistureless SERE
Nickname uttered in the Lone Star State TEX
Odd man's place OUT
Oolong container TEACUP
Org. with capital assets? PAC
Peevish TESTY
Persian Gulf leader EMIR
Pointy projections PRONGS
Quiet valley GLEN
Right-hand column, typically ONES
Ruin one's appetite NOSH
Scenario, part 2 BIRTHDAYPRESENT
Scenario, part 3 THECARDSAIDLOVE
Self-indulgent excursions? EGOTRIPS
Sheltered side LEE
Shipping routes SEALANES
Start of a coming-of-age scenario THENEWCARWASA
Sushi choice EEL
Take off DEPART
Teen's lifeline PHONE
Title role for Sally Field SYBIL
Underhanded SLY
Utter delight HEAVEN
Vice President Burr AARON
Wassailers' times YULES
White-furred weasel ERMINE
Young mischief-maker IMP
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