How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 13 2009

"Dumbo" structure TENT
"I cannot tell ___" ALIE
"I knew ___ instant . . ." INAN
"Peanuts" cartoonist SCHULZ
"The Thin Man" character NORA
"___ Na Na" SHA
1980 parody film AIRPLANE
Abner's partner on old radio LUM
Adjective after "ye" OLDE
Artificial leather from Dupont CORFAM
At a minimum setting ONLOW
Bathrobe ties SASHES
Book after John ACTS
Border of a coat of arms ORLE
Bowling or baseball term STRIKE
Calypso's cousin SKA
Camera that has its moments? KODAK
Campaigner's desire VOTES
Certain intelligence org. NSA
Corny cowboy flick OATER
Daughter of Polonius in "Hamlet" OPHELIA
Doorway supports JAMBS
Drug cops, for short NARCS
Dry, on a wine label SEC
Expected before now OVERDUE
Feminizing suffix ENNE
Fight stoppers, for short TKOS
Fold female EWE
Foxlike CRAFTY
French cup TASSE
Go like heck TEAR
Harvey of "Reservoir Dogs" KEITEL
Hosp. ward ICU
Impassioned, as a plea ARDENT
Intl. commerce group since 1995 WTO
Joe, in liquid form JAVA
Less healthy ILLER
Like this clue's number EVEN
Luanda's nation ANGOLA
Luxury car name BENZ
Made an effort STROVE
Makes 5-Down BREWS
Mardi ___ GRAS
Master anew RELEARN
Med. diagnostic tool CTSCAN
No. on a check ACCT
Old Greek public square AGORA
Old streetlight GASLAMP
Outward appearance MIEN
Pacts between nations TREATIES
Pinnacles APEXES
Procrastinator's mantra LATER
Raised ridge WELT
RC Cola brand NEHI
Ruffles feathers IRKS
Snack mix cereal CHEX
Something passed in music class? NOTE
Songstress Grant AMY
Speck MOTE
Still-life pitchers EWERS
Tahitian tuber TARO
Triangular insert GORE
Tribeca manufacturer SUBARU
Troy, to Homer ILION
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Unoriginal TRITE
Valley north of Los Angeles SIMI
Vice president before Ford AGNEW
Visibly surprised AGOG
West End queue THEATRELINE
Word used in telling time, sometimes PAST
Young gent LAD
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