How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 12 2018

'I gotta split!' seeya
1973 resigner Spiro agnew
Anti-infidel struggle jihad
Auto body blemishes dents
Beef cut above the round rump
Beer buy case
Betsy of flag fame ross
Boiling-mad feeling ire
Bum out sadden
Bunsen burner output flame
Cajun side dish dirtyrice
Captured, in chess took
Celestial ram aries
Chinese statuary stone jade
Cold and damp raw
Collective bargaining side union
Contest payoff prize
Creative pursuits arts
Defective explosive dud
Faddists' concerns trends
Family-friendly workplace perk daycare
Finger-in-the-socket consequence shock
Fodder for Colbert monologues news
Fruit vendor's structure stand
Genetic duplicate clone
Greedy child's cry mine
Hairdos like Disco Stu's afros
Hang like a Fu Manchu droop
Have unsettled accounts owe
Heart of the Inca empire peru
Hefty volumes tomes
Held protectively cradled
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' liam
Housefly's sight organ compoundeye
Hypercritical sort hater
IRS forms expert cpa
Jordan's capital amman
Lego unit brick
License plate frame pronoun hers
Like watches with hands analog
Made hound sounds bayed
Miracle remedy magicbullet
MLB or NBA player pro
Morbid sort ghoul
Narcs' raid drugbust
Neaten, as with new paint spruceup
Not for the prudish racy
Oktoberfest vessel stein
Pound with snowballs pelt
Praise to the heavens exalt
Printer's blue cyan
Proved profitable paid
Rail splitter's tool axe
Reason to pack a bag trip
Red-eye passengers fliers
Rock concert venue arena
Salad with romaine lettuce caesar
Scout uniform part sash
Section of winding road ess
Shingle securer nail
Showy perennial iris
Slimming-down regimen diet
Snack Pack cookie oreo
Soup-eater's impolite sound slurp
State firmly aver
Suffix with 'here,' in legalese unto
Surface statistic area
Tank on an exam flunk
The Joker's facial expression grin
Trusting to a fault naive
Tunnel-digging bug ant
Typical Nickelodeon fan kid
United voting group bloc
Unmannerly 32-Across brat
Vital team member keyplayer
Warm and comfortable cozy
Wealthy couple on the Titanic astors
Worker with big cats tamer
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