How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 11 2018

'Battle Cry' author Leon uris
'Days of Grace' author Arthur ashe
'Oliver Twist' no-goodnik fagin
'Return of the Jedi' forest dweller ewok
'That being true . . .' ifso
'You ___ Me' (Sam Cooke hit) send
(0,0) points on graphs origins
A traveler to Oz toto
All chess pieces men
Appeared in print ran
Attacked like a jaguar pounced
Bacall who starred with Bogart lauren
Bottomless void abyss
Can't help but hasto
Chichi to the max artiest
Choreographers' creations dancesteps
Chowder server ladle
Citation ender, briefly etal
Creators of artificial lakes dams
Did summer stock, say acted
Do cross-country, say ski
Doo-wop group members basses
Douglas or balsam fir
Driver of HBO's 'Girls' adam
Entered, as data keyedin
Gem State capital boise
Genealogist's drawing familytree
Geoffrey of fashion beene
Gets mileage from uses
Gets the gist of sees
Given to emotional swings moody
GM brand until 2004 olds
Illuminated theater sign exit
Impose, as a fine assess
Jasper who painted flags johns
Jazzman's turn to shine solo
Lao-tzu's 'way' tao
Leave rolling in the aisles slay
Like a clarinet's sound reedy
Like rainforest vegetation lush
Lion voiced by Liam Neeson aslan
Long basket, in hoops slang trey
Long prison term life
Makes good as new fixes
Makes reparations atones
Mr. Onassis, in headlines ari
On the alert awake
Original sin locale eden
PC giant dell
Permissible by law licit
Phrase on some U.S. coins onedime
Puzzle in which 'lead' may become 'gold' wordladder
Random attack potshot
Rap sheet letters aka
Ready to serve done
Running totals in saloons bartabs
Server intrusion hack
Shipping department roll tape
Shirking one's duties remiss
Slam, in slang dis
Slapstick pie target face
Sling mud at defame
Snack in a shell taco
Soother in baby wipes aloe
Stellar grade aplus
Superstorm of 2012 sandy
Think tank nugget idea
Three-layer lunchbox treat oreo
Toronto team, casually jays
Tree trunk deformity burl
Trevi fountain coins, once lire
Two-legged rifle mount bipod
University of North Carolina's home chapelhill
Was in the red owed
Website with restaurant reviews yelp
Where 'The Persistence of Memory' hangs, for short moma
Word after glom or latch onto
Word in an ethnic joke, often slur
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