How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 10 2015

"Ahoy, ___!" MATEY
"Black Beauty" author Sewell ANNA
"Bon voyage" party, e.g SENDOFF
"Home of the brave" USA
"Little of this, little of that" dish STEW
"To the max" suffix EST
"___ bigger and better things!" ONTO
112.5 degrees from S ENE
87 or 91, at the pump OCTANE
Afternoon beverage TEA
Alter trailer EGO
Avails oneself of USES
Backsides TUSHES
Bad way to go? ASTRAY
Become inedible, in a way ROT
Beginning "square" ONE
Block of soap BAR
Call a basketball game REF
Calypso-influenced music SKA
Capitol Hill VIP (Abbr.) SEN
City in Illinois DECATUR
Color at the beach TAN
Come back, in a way RECUR
Concert ticket word ROW
Consequence RESULT
Containing iron FERRIC
Cookbook instruction BOIL
Destroyed, as the dragon SLEW
Does an IRS job AUDITS
Duel tool SWORD
Early oboes SHAWMS
Eating places Restaurants
Elbow's counterpart KNEE
Elementary particle ATOM
Frank ___ Wright LLOYD
Grand ___ Dam COULEE
Highest male voice TENOR
Hoops place COURT
Land measures ACRES
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Move on snow SKI
Neither sharp nor flat ONKEY
One of the Gemini CASTOR
Ordinal number ender ETH
Organize anew RESTRUCTURE
Outs' opposites INS
Papal proclamation EDICT
Paper-and-string flier KITE
Phoebe of "Gremlins" CATES
Photographic pigment SEPIA
Private film showing, casually PREVUE
Private's privy LATRINE
Promoting recuperation RESTORATIVE
Rain but good TEEM
Reheat in the oven WARM
Removal from power OUSTER
River to the Missouri OSAGE
Slangy agreement YEAH
Some easy outs POPUPS
Stick in school RULER
Supernova, originally STAR
The beginning ONSET
Trade without cash BARTER
Truth ___ (hypnotic drug) SERUM
Type of roast WEENIE
Very little bit DRIB
Very unusual WEIRD
Vice president under Jefferson BURR
Walks purposefully STRIDES
Weight room unit REP
Wholly absorbed RAPT
Wizard's magic SORCERY
Words with "arms" or "space" TAKEUP
___ one's time (waits patiently) BIDES
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