How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 10 2010

"Get out of here!" SCAT
"To be," for Caesar ESSE
Agcy. that won the 1969 Nobel Peace Prize ILO
Baja buddy AMIGO
Baker's dozen purchase DONUTS
Browning bread source? POEMS
Bunny's tail SCUT
Chills and fever AGUE
Confirmed SET
Distinctive doctrine ISM
Does a checker's job SCANS
Edible roots OCAS
Eight-note range OCTAVE
Emulate a magpie AMASS
Eyelid abscess STYE
Filthy money? LUCRE
Fries in a little butter SAUTES
Gasp of amazement OOH
Get routed LOSE
Glove or shoe material SUEDE
Great sums of money WADS
Haunted house offering TERROR
Health-store buy TOFU
Highest point TOP
Hopped off the train ALIT
Hybridized fruit UGLI
Imam's faith ISLAM
Imitated Elsie MOOED
Indian princess (Var.) RANEE
Issue EMIT
It comes twice after "Que" in a song SERA
It's all in the mine? ORE
Kind of root or steak CUBE
Least burdensome, as a job CUSHIEST
Like some lenses CONVEX
Little bites NIPS
Mainz Mister HERR
Medical look-see EXAM
Musical composition that evokes rural life (Var.) IDYL
Mythical god of thunder THOR
Nice-sized plot of land ACRE
Nostalgic person's response SIGH
Not be oneself? ROLEPLAY
Not final or absolute NISI
Not metaphorical LITERAL
Oasis offering WATER
Overseas currency unit EURO
Particular period of history ERA
Physical location SITE
Pie or cider fruit APPLE
Pizzeria allure AROMA
Private entrance POSTERN
Puff up RISE
Quite, in music ASSAI
Rains hard TEEMS
Rousseau work EMILE
Show a preference LEAN
Some are proper NOUNS
Some dairy case items OLEOS
Swell remedy? ICE
Take corrective measures? EDIT
The Smithsonian, e.g. (Abbr.) INST
They have a deficiency of electrons POSITIVECHARGES
TV offering PROGRAM
Twelve-hour shift, e.g. STINT
Unquestionably correct ABSOLUTELYRIGHT
Urania, e.g. MUSE
Was benched SAT
Web ___ (computer add-on) CAM
Wine source GRAPES
Word after "fancy" or "imagine" THAT
Work the bleachers VEND
___ 51 (secretive site) AREA
___-de-loup (military trap) TROU
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