How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 09 2018

'A mouse!' eek
'Oh, brother!' man
'One more thing . . .' also
'Othello' antagonist iago
'So that's it!' isee
'The best is ___ to come' yet
Acquire forcibly, as land annex
App downloader user
Assault on the ears noise
Banned-for-life baseball great peterose
Bar order, with 'the' same
Bills picturing Hamilton tens
Black Sabbath's genre metal
Catch a catnap doze
Christmas ornament bell
Citrus shaving zest
Clear a hurdle leap
Company's profit-and-loss report incomestatement
Designer Schiaparelli elsa
Egyptian portrayed by Liz cleo
Enjoy leftovers, say eatin
Fictional Kansan canine toto
Former mates exes
Former press secretary Spicer sean
From the top anew
Full of good cheer merry
Full range extent
Garlicky pasta sauce pesto
Goofs up errs
Japanese comics style manga
John on a three-year farewell tour elton
Kettle emission steam
Legal precedent setter testcase
Many a Syrian arab
Minuscule particle atom
Modeling medium clay
Names, informally monikers
Nanny's offspring kid
Neighbor of Yemen oman
Obstacles to teamwork egos
Perfect Sleeper brand serta
Pewter component tin
Pixar characters toons
Place for liquid funds checkingaccount
Poker face blankexpression
Prefix meaning 'nerve' neuro
Prefix with angle or cycle tri
Provide a fake alibi for, say abet
Pull up stakes, to a Realtor relo
Put a nick in mar
Quirky habit tic
Roof's top point apex
Round Table title sir
S&L offering ira
Self-evident truth axiom
Serve from a tureen ladle
Shoreline phenomenon tide
Shorten further recut
Sign of remorse tear
Solve a crossword in a waiting room, say passtime
Source of many tweets nest
Spreadsheet filler data
State known for lobsters maine
Swirling current eddy
Sword with no cutting edge epee
Symbol in religious art halo
Tailor's line seam
Totally infatuated gaga
Toys with spools yoyos
Tree common in Hawaii palm
Tree with catkins alder
Trucker's rig semi
Voice of the Apple Watch siri
Was decked out in wore
Whipped up made
Within walking distance, say near
Words on a candy heart kissme
World's longest mountain range andes
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