How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 09 2013

"21" school MIT
"A Christmas Carol" boy TIM
"A Fish Called Wanda" character OTTO
"Ain't I a Woman?" deliverer Sojourner TRUTH
"Alive" author READ
"Family Feud" teammate, often INLAW
"I was at my friend's all night," e.g ALIBI
"Mi ___ es su . . ." CASA
"My Wild ___ Rose" IRISH
"Sesame Street" muppet ERNIE
"There's no I in ___" TEAM
"War and Peace," e.g EPICNOVEL
"Within the ___ of possibility" REALM
"___ appetit" BON
A Baldwin brother ALEC
Abbreviated mystery writer? ANON
Add one's two cents OPINE
African antelope TOPI
Alleviating agent EASER
Alternative to Sony or JVC RCA
Arab League dignitary EMIR
Archipelago part CAY
Area equation element WIDTH
At leisure IDLE
Attack word SIC
Bake-sale grp PTA
Bathtub swirl EDDY
Bell tower sound PEAL
Boss on a shield UMBO
Calls Mary "Mindy," e.g ERRS
Canton in Switzerland URI
Catty utterance? MEW
Chester White's home STY
Clapper containers BELLS
Clooney or Rooney FILMSTAR
Companions' separator? AND
Computer support? LAP
Conductor's charge? ELECTRICCURRENT
Correct a FedEx mistake REDELIVER
Energy type SOLAR
Epicurean event FEAST
Experience the effects of FEEL
Expressed, as an adieu BADE
Fair and impartial JUST
Fine-feathered specimen EGRET
Fix loose laces RETIE
Girl in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers" LEILA
Handle on a tractor? DEERE
Hockey legend Bobby ORR
Holy See resident POPE
Inclined to avoid the spotlight SHY
Indian dish made with stewed legumes (Var.) DHAL
Japanese leader Hirobumi ITO
Judicial declaration DICTUM
Kind of culture dish PETRI
Kind of trip taken alone EGO
Lend ___ (listen) ANEAR
Letter carrier's assignment ROUTE
Like some signs STENCILED
List components ITEMS
Nashville intonation TWANG
Needle point? ENE
Niger neighbor MALI
Place to curl up and dye? SALON
Plump songbirds THRUSHES
Praiseful verse ODE
Radical change in character PERMUTATION
Repaired, as roads TARRED
Spanish hors d'oeuvres TAPAS
Stop from spoiling KEEPFRESH
Suddenly change course VEER
Swell remedy? ICE
They might be practical JOKES
Victor in Zaire, 1974 ALI
Wall hanging with pictorial designs ARRAS
Where to find solutions? LAB
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