How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 09 2010

Acclaim ECLAT
Alternative to lager ALE
Appear in print RUN
Awe inspirer IDOL
Bed layers? STRATA
Biting African fly TSETSE
Booby trap SNARE
Breathing apparatus LUNG
Bright light GLARE
Bullpen sound SNORT
Certain ore content IRON
Challenge the status quo REBEL
Close at hand NEAR
Coffee asset AROMA
Combination lock part DIAL
Criminal pseudonym ALIAS
Cruise quarters STATEROOM
Deep boredom ENNUI
Deprive of one's nerve UNMAN
Dinner party decorations CENTERPIECES
Do as the rueful do ATONE
Doc's grp. AMA
Drink with Christmas cookies NOG
Eightsome OCTAD
Esteem to the extreme ADORE
Flammable gas ETHANE
Folder's minimum loss ANTE
Fore's counterpart AFT
From the beginning again ANEW
Fury IRE
Galley marking STET
Get into hot water here SPA
Had supper DINED
Hamilton's bills TENS
Hardwood sources ELMS
Hilarity MIRTH
Incantation half POCUS
Island group near Fiji SAMOA
Landers of advice ANN
Less ordinary ODDER
Like many signs on the Vegas Strip NEON
Looked with desire LEERED
Looking at 1-Across AGAZE
Major growth areas? UTERI
Month before Tishri ELUL
Neither right-wing nor left-wing MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
Not quite right AMISS
Objectified woman? HER
Opposed to, poetically GAINST
Oscar-winner Thompson EMMA
Palindromic title AGA
Predict from omens AUGUR
Pronoun for Eve SHE
Quicken the pace HIE
Recycle REUSE
Result of an ink spill STAIN
Ridiculous INANE
Sailing the waves ASEA
Santa ___, Calif. CRUZ
Second word from Descartes? ERGO
Sizable sandwich SUB
Small and round, as eyes BEADY
Some may be felt PENS
Source of a starchy foodstuff OCA
The bones of a gambler DICE
Tidal flood EAGRE
Tiny spot in the ocean ISLET
Toughens (oneself) STEELS
U.S. state since 1890 IDAHO
Watch innards GEARS
Watson and Crick's focus DNA
What a settlement avoids TRIAL
Whichever one ANY
Wind in the pit OBOE
Word between I's in a famous palindrome ERE
Zap with light LASE
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