How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 06 2013

"A Nation of Immigrants" AMERICA
"Cold Mountain" heroine ADA
"For what reason?" WHY
"Full steam ___!" AHEAD
"Holy smokes!" of yore EGAD
"Jolly Good Fellow" verb DENY
"Sense ___ Sensibility" AND
"Serpico" author MAAS
"The Neverending Story" author ENDE
100 Iranian dinars RIAL
Agriculturally viable ARABLE
Annika Sorenstam, for one SWEDE
Award presented for Best Comeback ESPY
Ax entire corporate divisions? FIREDEPARTMENTS
Baldwin of film ALEC
Be logical ADDUP
Between Italy and Albania ASEA
Board in a wall STUD
Boston transit inits MTA
Broadcast AIR
Bryn ___ MAWR
Bunch of bills WAD
Cabbage concoction SLAW
Cajun cooking style CREOLE
Canadian winter coat? SNOW
Certifiable, so to speak MAD
Coffee cup covers LIDS
Communists, pejoratively REDS
Consider officially, as a judge HEAR
Demands NEEDS
Disintegrates ROTS
Do the Pied Piper's job DERAT
Ersatz silk RAYON
Flutes, fifes and piccolos WINDINSTRUMENTS
Give the nod (to) ACCEDE
Hand-washing need SOAP
Ignited, as a bottle rocket LIT
India's continent ASIA
Introduction LEADIN
Iranian ruler until 1979 SHAH
Ireland, formerly EIRE
Kerfuffles and foofaraws ADOS
Like "ASAP" memos URGENT
Like a good guard dog ALERT
Like marquetry or parquetry INLAID
Like the smallest bands ONEMAN
Means justifiers, for some ENDS
Mexican friend AMIGO
Money in the banca, once LIRA
Most up-to-date NEWEST
National flower of Mexico DAHLIA
National song ANTHEM
Paris greeting BONSOIR
Part of a camera LENS
Part of a Clue accusation WEAPON
Recipe amts TSPS
Rent, as a limo HIRE
Replacement part? HIP
Rightmost column, typically ONES
Role in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers" LEILA
Sinatra, to bobby soxers IDOL
Some choirboys ALTOS
Some NFL linemen RTS
Sound reflection ECHO
Take place after ENSUE
The Beehive State UTAH
The Garden of Eden, e.g EARTHLYPARADISE
Thin, crisp cookie WAFER
Top pitcher ACE
Valiant HEROIC
Violin-bow application ROSIN
Where Anna met a king SIAM
Will.___ of the Black Eyed Peas IAM
Withdrawn SHY
Word after "ages" or "long" AGO
Word of warning DONT
Wrecking-ball alternative TNT
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