How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 04 2009

"Coming of Age in ___" SAMOA
"Electric Avenue" singer Grant EDDY
"Footloose" singer Loggins KENNY
"Good morrow, cousin," for Romeo CUE
"I see" words OHS
"Splish Splash" spot BATH
"Sure, skipper!" AYE
"Sweet as Apple Cider" girl of song IDA
"The King of Queens" character DEACON
"___ better believe it!" YOUD
A Neptune moon TRITON
A shade of beige ECRU
A wood stain WALNUT
ABC overseer FCC
Abrade CHAFE
Abridge EDIT
Accountants' activities AUDITS
Alpine reverberation ECHO
Appease SATE
At one's ___ and call BECK
Avoid, as capture EVADE
Bait with honey LURE
Bar garnish CHERRY
Barrel bottom bit DREG
Black Sea bungalow DACHA
Black-and-white leviathan ORCA
Blithering fool IDIOT
Chronic nags SHREWS
Cleverly avoid ELUDE
Colored HUED
Crawford's setting TEXAS
Deer in a petting zoo FAWN
Do some squirming WRITHE
Easily understandable LUCID
Excludes or prohibits DEBARS
Fancy hotel lobbies ATRIA
Farthest or highest, briefly ULT
Grand duke, to a czar SON
Grazing ground LEA
Hundred Acre Wood resident POOH
Icky-tasting NASTY
Larry, compared to the other stooges CURLIEST
Man of rare gifts? MISER
Network of nerves, e.g. RETE
Poll answerer (Abbr.) RESP
Popular Honda ACCORD
Reduce to rags TATTER
Rental fleet's place CARLOT
Request in a stuffy room AIR
Revolting development? RIOT
Robber Barrow CLYDE
Scandinavian rug type RYA
Service break? LEAVE
Severe form of epilepsy GRANDMAL
Song and dance, sometimes ACT
Special talents KNACKS
Sri Lankan language TAMIL
Stat for a reliever ERA
Storyteller's link THEN
Substance used in an old punishment TAR
Superman's archenemy Luthor LEX
Symptom for a dentist ACHE
Take to the chaise RELAX
Things to eat and drink RYES
Title word often omitted THE
Took a puddle-jumper FLEW
Trajectory of a volleyball serve ARC
Trend-setting EDGY
USSR successor CIS
Wall Street fixture STOCKEXCHANGE
Winning smile, they say ASSET
With a large trunk? BARRELCHESTED
With the wherewithal ABLE
Word of legal advice SUE
Word with "world" NETHER
World's largest peninsula ARABIA
___ uncertain terms INNO
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