How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 31 2019

'Anything ___ ?' else
'Boardwalk Empire' network hbo
'Diamonds ___ Forever' are
'Horton Hears a ___' who
'McSorley's Bar' painter John sloan
'Piece of cake!' easy
'The March King' sousa
1983 Pacino gangster movie scarface
2019 award for Rami Malek oscar
Annoying pop-ups ads
Assert as fact posit
Award similar to a Tony obie
Baffling puzzle poser
Bare minimum least
Bear with a too-soft bed mama
Beluga yield roe
Beyond plump obese
Big Apple tennis venue ashe
Big name in root beer dads
Brewpub fixture tap
Capri, notably isle
Ceiling fixture fan
Colorful parrot macaw
Copied, simian-style aped
Court summation closingargument
CPO's service branch usn
Creepy-crawly bug
Diagnostic scan, for short mri
Dish served with a 41-Across chili
Fettuccine or linguine pasta
Gladiator's workplace arena
Go it alone solo
Good-sized combos octets
Hang 'em up retire
Helper on the Hill aide
Iconic TV canine lassie
Instinctive, as a feeling gut
Invented, linguistically coined
Kuwaiti VIP emir
Like a beach bum, usually tanned
Like a cold, hard gaze steely
Loupe part lens
Marmalade flavor orange
Material for Ripley's oddities
Mischievous sorts devils
More ironic, as humor goes wrier
Music, dance, etc arts
Not an illusion real
Old Testament paradise eden
One of New York's Finest cop
Periodic table fig atno
Picked up on got
Pickle type dill
Priest with a prayer wheel lama
Punch bowl go-with ladle
Put out, as a postage stamp issue
Rent from a renter sublet
Rented ride, often limo
Resistor unit ohm
Rhombus, e.g shape
Rickman of 'Harry Potter' movies alan
Rock with a hollow cavity geode
Semiaquatic salamander newt
Sharif of 'Funny Girl' omar
Shellfish in bisque clam
Shellfish in paella mussel
Shirt tag locale nape
Space, to Trekkies finalfrontier
Stroller rider tot
Thieves' hangout lair
Time preceding a military discharge terminalleave
Tom or drake male
White-plumed wader egret
Williams, 'The Splendid Splinter' ted
Yasser who led the PLO arafat
Yemen's peninsula arabia
Zilch nada
___-help book self
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