How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 29 2017

"A mouse!" EEK
"Get lost!" SCRAM
"Jurassic World" dino TREX
"The Joy Luck Club" author AMYTAN
"The Untouchables" star ROBERTSTACK
A bit, informally SORTA
Angler with a net SEINER
At the head of the line NEXT
Attendants on flights STEWARDS
Attic or penthouse UPPERSTORY
Bear with a hard bed and chair PAPA
Boorish sort LOUT
Bowlers' conversions SPARES
Brief period, briefly JIFF
Brit's "I agree!" QUITE
Brought into alignment TRUED
Campbell of "Scream" NEVE
Causes of some traffic slowdowns MERGES
Christina of "Monster" RICCI
Clean one's plate EAT
Commandos' weapons UZIS
Cook, as Colonel Sanders did FRY
Cracked, as a mystery SOLVED
Dance that can't be done solo TANGO
Dispatches, as a mosquito SWATS
Duke or earl NOBLE
Electoral map color RED
Element in Vegas signs NEON
Evidence of a gas leak ODOR
Expel, as 13-Across SPEW
First 30-day mo APR
Forbidden fruit locale EDEN
Fraternal org. founded as the Jolly Corks BPOE
Gain through trickery WANGLE
Geek Squad workers TECHS
Gets juice from SQUEEZES
Give the thumbs-down to NIX
Greek letter whose first letter is silent PSI
Indispensable items NEEDS
Magazine holder RACK
Magma, when above ground LAVA
Mall map listings STORES
Many a Michener novel SAGA
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Neck-and-neck EVEN
Numbers-choosing game KENO
Oater brawl locale SALOON
Offers to auditioners PARTS
Olympic dash units METERS
Panzer division units TANKS
Pounds an IBM Selectric TYPES
Prefix with morph or plasm ECTO
Prima donna's solo ARIA
Prospector's pursuit ORE
Putter's target CUP
Rating units on Yelp STARS
Ready to blow one's top IRATE
Reason to hit the books EXAM
Reduces to tatters RIPS
Reply to the minister IDO
Results of some INTs TDS
Schedule opening SLOT
Sean Connery's compatriots SCOTS
See-through sheet PANE
Share on Facebook, say REPOST
Snail-mail payment option MONEYORDER
Starting squad ATEAM
Superfluous word in Cheech and Chong routines MAN
Tattooist's canvas SKIN
Tempter in 43-Across SATAN
There's no current in one OPENCIRCUIT
Tilter's mount STEED
Topper for Laurel or Hardy DERBY
Voting to reject ANTI
Whisperer of sweet nothings COOER
Word that can precede the last parts of 17- and 65-Across and 10- and 30-Down SHORT
Write hastily JOT
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