How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 27 2013

". . . and ___ the fire" INTO
"Filthy" money LUCRE
"No ___, ands or buts!" IFS
"Old" British buddy CHAP
"Rush ___" (Chris Tucker movie) HOUR
"That's gotta hurt" OUCH
Abominable Snowman YETI
Addition word PLUS
Alternative to text messages EMAIL
Attractiveness APPEAL
Bars at the bar ESTOPS
Batman co-creator Bob KANE
Battering device RAM
Best Actress of 1965 for "Darling" JULIECHRISTIE
Big name in PCs ACER
Bipartisan coalition BLOC
Bird associated with the Nile River IBIS
Brown eyes or red hair, e.g TRAIT
Burglar-alarm component SENSOR
Burning activity? AEROBICS
Common trash can site ALLEY
Computer correction command UNDO
Copier paper order REAM
Did groundbreaking work HOED
Dispatch craft AVISO
Downspout sites EAVES
Driving-range aid TEE
Drumbeat speed TEMPO
Egg cell OVUM
Excalibur's handle HILT
Fairway warning FORE
Five-star hotel amenity SPA
Footnote abbr IBID
Giving a once-over EYING
Good farmer's reward BUMPERHARVEST
He and she THEY
Help for the hapless ALMS
High-pitched warbling sounds TRILLS
Highly reliable evidence DNA
How one should feel after a vacation RESTED
Italian coin of old LIRA
Kind of butter or brandy APPLE
Leak through slowly SEEP
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Long leg bone FIBULA
Made fairer, as sides EVENED
Magic sound effect POOF
Makes a patsy of USES
Mirror image? FACE
Miss Hawkins of Dogpatch SADIE
Mover's postal form CHANGEOFADDRESS
Neptune's realm OCEAN
Nickel-and-___ (petty sort) DIMER
Northern sky sight AURORA
On the quiet side, nautically ALEE
Pizzeria output PIE
Porcine abode STY
Possesses HAS
Preposition in old poetry ERE
Reason for parental scolding SASS
Remove, as bait UNHOOK
Second cup of coffee REFILL
Seller of seashells by the seashore SHE
Sheep bleat BAA
Singer Lehmann or Lenya LOTTE
Some former tadpoles EFTS
Some tub toys BOATS
Spellbound RAPT
Stuff on a stamp ADHESIVE
Talks noisily YAPS
To date SOFAR
Unusually intelligent APT
Wikipedia option EDIT
Winning X or O TOE
Wood who played a hobbit ELIJAH
Word with "life" or "am" PRO
WWW facilitators ISPS
___ Mae FANNIE
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