How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 26 2003

"--- Got a Brand New Bag" PAPAS
"Babe" group STYX
"Famous" cookiemaker AMOS
"Jurassic Park" menace, briefly TREX
"The --- Divorcee" GAY
''All Things Considered'' network NPR
''Be prepared'' org. BSA
''Beg pardon . . .'' AHEM
''For ___ a jolly good fellow'' HES
''Good heavens!'' EGAD
''Social'' suffix ITE
''Ten Most Wanted'' agcy. FBI
''Unforgettable'' first name NAT
''___ Rose'' (song from ''The Music Man'') LIDA
--- Gras MARDI
0.001 of an inch MIL
1934 strip created by Alex Raymond FLASHGORDON
6-Down feature NOOSE
Accentuate STRESS
African city near a dam ASWAN
Afternoon reception TEA
Aladdin's benefactor GENIE
Alice's TV co-worker FLO
All set READY
Amontillado holders CASKS
Angler who sniggles EELER
Animated film of 1942 BAMBI
Answer sharply SNAPAT
Any song by Elvis OLDIE
Appears on-screen gradually FADESIN
Application USE
Arcade classic PACMAN
Arctic dweller LAPP
At a great distance AFAR
At right angles to the length of a ship ABEAM
Attempt STAB
Automobile part AIRFILTER
Awfully long time BLUEMOON
Back in the navy STERN
Bank deposit? SILT
Barracks break MESS
Baseball's Bud SELIG
Basics ABCS
Basin accessory EWER
Be beholden to OWE
Beachcomber's collection SHELLS
Befuddled, metaphorically ASEA
Bending readily SUPPLE
Bide one's time AWAIT
Biographical datum AGE
Bird-food ingredient SUET
Blade with gadgets SWISSARMYKNIFE
Blunt criticism BRICKBAT
Boat launches RAMPS
Brandi's one-time teammate MIA
Brings up, as a child REARS
Bundle of money WAD
Calls Mary Larry, e.g. ERRS
Canadian capital OTTAWA
Candy unit BAR
Carpet feature PILE
Catch by the neck, in a way LASSO
Cheese source GUERNSEY
Chill out RELAX
Chinese-born architect PEI
Chorus platforms RISERS
Chronology segment ERA
Cleaning tool MOP
Close-mouthed MUM
Cobb and Treadway TYS
College Web address ending EDU
Colonnade ARCADE
Comedian ''Colonel Maggie'' Martha RAYE
Cornea covering, perhaps CONTACTLENS
Corp. magnates CEOS
Count (on) RELY
Cow accessory BELL
Cravings and Japanese coins YENS
Creamy white cheese BRIE
Crude shelter HUT
Cum laude modifier MAGNA
Cured salmon LOX
Days before EVES
Decorative liquid holder EWER
Diagrammatic representations SCHEMATA
Doesn't stay up SAGS
Don Corleone, for one MOBSTER
Door position SHUT
Dreamer's acronym REM
Driveway attachments APRONS
Dutch South African BOER
Dylan's ''I ___ Lonesome Hobo'' AMA
Easy-listening medium RADIO
Elite police team SWAT
Elizabethan instrument LUTE
Elongated O's OVALS
Elvis' first recording? DEMO
Emancipate SETFREE
End of many co. names INC
EPA-banned chemicals PCBS
Epoch ERA
Erroneous FALSE
Escaping understanding ELUDING
Every film has some CRITICS
Expand on AMPLIFY
Factor in beauty? MAX
Fall guy PATSY
Feline film heroine ELSA
Female octopus HEN
Five-alarm food CHILI
Forest fledgling OWLET
Fortitude GUTS
Fruity snacks RAISINS
Garage activity, perhaps SALE
Garlic quality ODOR
Glutton PIG
Gnu feature MANE
Goes ballistic LOSESIT
Grave matter? BONES
Harris and Sullivan EDS
Hawaiian performance HULA
He plays Niles' brother KELSEY
Hermit, e.g. RECLUSE
Highland families CLANS
Hike kickoff STEP
Hive compartment CELL
Home-based business COTTAGEINDUSTRY
Hoops Hall-of-Famer Thurmond NATE
Hot stuff LOOT
Huge theme park attraction? SHAMU
Identity verifier PASSWORD
Imbroglio MESS
In the past AGO
Indian princess RANI
Inflate, as with pride SWELL
Ingemar Stenmark, e.g. SKIER
Insurance giant AETNA
IRS shelter IRA
Isn't serious KIDS
It brought Hope to GIs USO
It can help you see about me CONTACTLENS
It has a photosphere SUN
It may be irresistible URGE
Just the way you see me ASIAM
Kanga's creator MILNE
Keyboard key END
Kind of bean MUNG
King of Norway OLAF
King of Scotland MACBETH
Lagoon surrounder ATOLL
Largest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Laundry challenge STAIN
Leave in one's care ENTRUST
Legislative decisions ACTS
Lichen component ALGA
Lichtenstein's forte ART
Like a morning meadow DEWY
Like leaves in late Autumn SERE
Like some decisions SNAP
Lit firecracker sound SSS
Literary snippets ANA
Long period of time EON
Lost weight SLIMMED
Lyric poem ODE
Ma plays with them CELLOS
Mad magazine's genre SATIRE
Made an effort TRIED
Make it big ARRIVE
Man of Steel monogram ESS
Man who once backed Michael Jackson TITO
Man-mouse middle ORA
Many times OFTEN
Maple syrup source SAP
Mark, of Finn fame TWAIN
Media phenom CELEB
Mega-bites? CHOMPS
Menu phrase, perhaps ALA
Mindless INANE
Modeled WORE
Monthly payment, for many MORTGAGE
Movie theater offering FEATUREFILM
Mr. Cole NAT
Mr. Peanut feature MONOCLE
Ms. Lupino IDA
Muffin ingredient, perhaps BRAN
Mulled wine NEGUS
Mythical beasts UNICORNS
NASA thumbs-up AOK
Nautical start AERO
Not a chance NOWISE
Not so hot SOSO
Nucleus of trained personnel CADRE
Numerous LOTSOF
Occupational suffix EER
On the ocean ASEA
Order partner LAW
Oscar De La --- RENTA
Out on a limb TREED
Outdated records LPS
Overcharge mightily SOAK
Paper pack REAM
Part of a frame-up? PHOTO
Partner of tuck NIP
Patois LINGO
Pay homage to FETE
Place for a massage PARLOR
Plays for time STALLS
Plentiful AMPLE
Plugging away ATIT
Poetic name of Ireland ERIN
Police weapon TASER
Pollster's discovery TREND
Pounce on ASSAIL
Power source for Fulton STEAM
Prepare trout, in a way PANFRY
Quadri preceder TRI
Qualified ABLE
Rap sheet listing PRIOR
Recipe direction STIR
Redo a clue EDIT
Religious law CANON
Reluctant LOATH
Romantic song BALLAD
Running partner? OFF
Rushed forward SURGED
Sawbones' grp. AMA
Scathe HARM
Secondhand USED
Send forth EMIT
Several Renoirs NUDES
Sheet of printed matter FOLIO
Shoreline nook INLET
Short wave? PERM
Shows contempt for SNEERSAT
Showstopper? NEWSFLASH
Skirt style ALINE
Small at-home business COTTAGEINDUSTRY
Social blunder FAUXPAS
Something to click ICON
Son of Shem ELAM
Sought damages SUED
Southwest area of Germany BADEN
Space outcast MIR
Spherical coifs AFROS
Splits sans scissors RIPS
Squabbling ATIT
Square measure AREA
St. Bernard's beat SWISSALPS
Start of a valentine message ILOVE
Stockpiles HOARDS
Stopped CEASED
Storage site ATTIC
Street of horror ELM
Streisand film NUTS
Strengthen, as security BEEFUP
Successfully use one's thumb GETARIDE
Sufficient, slangily ENUF
Symbol of laziness SLOTH
Take care of SEETO
Talent for repartee WIT
Tartan PLAID
Telecast component AUDIO
Terminates ABORTS
Texas specialty CHILI
The Duke WAYNE
Theater award OBIE
They look better after crunching ABS
They're given to relieve the poor ALMS
Throw casually TOSS
Tiny bit IOTA
Title IX beneficiary FEMALE
Tolkien tree-creatures ENTS
Trade punches SPAR
Trailer follower FEATUREFILM
Trident-shaped letter PSI
Troubles and misfortunes ILLS
Turn to mush PUREE
Two-masted craft KETCH
Type of cheese BLEU
Type of gas NOBLE
Ultimatum phrase ORELSE
Unrealistic one CRACKPOT
Use a camera SHOOT
Use the backspace key ERASE
Value system ETHIC
Vanilla-flavored drink CREAMSODA
Very close ending PHOTOFINISH
What langlaufers do SKI
Wheel cover TIRE
Whoever's in it is out of it COMA
Windows application? TINT
Without guile ARTLESS
Wolfed (down) SCARFED
Wonderland bird DODO
Word with blonde or Wednesday ASH
Word with man or self MADE
Year's last word, often SYNE
Young fox KIT
Young newt EFT
Zabaglione ingredient EGG
___ Lanka SRI
___ mignon FILET
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