How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 24 2019

'Far' or 'Middle' region east
'Gotcha' isee
'Hansel and Gretel' prop oven
'Pick six' INT results tds
'The Sopranos' bunch mafia
'The Well-Tempered Clavier' composer bach
'Uneven' gym apparatus bars
'We're on!' itsago
'___ Just Not That Into You' hes
15-Across, in a way sow
2001 thriller with Cruise and Cruz vanillasky
Add to a pension fund save
Ancient Assyrian city nineveh
Andean of old inca
Andrea Bocelli solo aria
Any Olympian athlete
Apropos of asto
Aquatic ball balancer seal
Become inedible gobad
Blossom support stem
Casey Jones' place engine
Cash register, to a Brit till
Catch in a sting nab
Celestial flare-up nova
Choir's piece hymn
Comfortable with usedto
Currier's partner ives
Dagwood's nap spot sofa
Diarist Anais nin
Discourage from acting deter
Distort, as data skew
E.E. part (Abbr.) elec
Excessive sentimentality mush
Excessive sentimentality goo
Ford a stream, say wade
Free from variation even
Funeral home stand bier
Gas treatment brand stp
Geraint's love enid
Goof off laze
Green boundary hedge
Hirsch of 'Lone Survivor' emile
Inflated self-image ego
It climbs the walls ivy
Itzhak Perlman piece violinsolo
Krauss, the leading female Grammy winner alison
Levi's competitor lee
Like Brahms or 1-Down german
Like Keebler workers elfin
NBC show since 1975 snl
One of the Brontes anne
One's lot in life fate
Participates in a bee sews
Pass over omit
Perfect shape, to a collector mintcondition
Pet's restraint leash
Place for pigeonholes desk
Place to wallow sty
Put in the fridge chill
Radar gun fig mph
Reached the peak of scaled
Reader's download ezine
Real hoot riot
Red Monopoly buy hotel
Returned to terra firma alit
Sailor's knot clovehitch
Send to the Capitol elect
Shade of gray slate
Sherlock Holmes portrayer in 14 movies basilrathbone
Short bits of reportage newsbriefs
Sporty Italian auto, briefly alfa
Start to grow plant
Travel option that serves 46 states amtrak
Traveling like a lob arcing
Troy, N.Y. sch rpi
Where a crier once cried town
Woody's folkie son arlo
___ rule (generally) asa
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