How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 24 2012

"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Come Sail Away" band STYX
"Family Ties" role for Michael ALEX
"Good golly!" EGAD
"In the merry ___ of May . . ." MONTH
"Sacro" addition ILIAC
"The Travels of Marco Polo" land ASIA
"There ___ enough hours in the day" ARENT
100 centimos PESETA
200 precious milligrams CARAT
A bit of magic? HOCUS
A prig splits them HAIRS
A shake in the grass? HULA
Abbreviate SHORTEN
Act as a lookout for ABET
Aircraft control panel device, for short TACH
Ancient mariner TAR
Arsenal stock, briefly AMMO
Attack in force STORM
Ballantine and Redhook ALES
Barnyard mama MARE
Bear among the stars URSA
Beautiful and graceful girl PERI
Bills featuring the Great Seal ONES
Bloodhound feature NOSE
Brain or ear part LOBE
Butcher-shop purchase MUTTON
Candle's output, perhaps SCENT
Certain muscle injury TEAR
Chaotic situation RIOT
Classic theater name ODEON
Command to Lazarus RISE
Convergence points FOCI
Despite, for short THO
Eat an ice cream cone LICK
Emulate a stevedore LOAD
Endangered leopardlike cat OCELOT
Enough, in some cases ONCE
First-century Roman despot NERO
Florida city near Tampa LARGO
Former Turkish bigwig PASHA
Gas thief's gizmo SIPHON
Greenland jacket ANORAK
Hardly a sissy MACHO
He was quoted in the "Little Red Book" MAO
Hindu social class CASTE
In eager anticipation AGOG
It's more than dislike HATRED
Job involving threading PIPEFITTING
Kind of tax EXCISE
Large green moth LUNA
Love like mad ADORE
Make into law ENACT
Mal de mer symptom NAUSEA
Mild cheddar cheese COLBY
Models of perfection IDEALS
Open-handed strike SLAP
Outpouring, as of words SPATE
Part of some recipe titles ALA
Parts of some fancy jackets COATTAILS
Poetic expression of admiration ODE
Prepares for a proposal KNEELS
Question answered by "M" or "F" SEX
Racy Italian cars, for short ALFAS
Reader of palms, supposedly SEER
Rewrite for style EDIT
Share the same opinion AGREE
Slight possibility OFFCHANCE
South American shrubs with potent leaves COCAS
Space pioneer Shepard ALAN
The Nautilus, for one SUB
Thurmond or Archibald of NBA fame NATE
Tie up, as a turkey TRUSS
Try to get one's goat TEASE
Tuscany town SIENA
Uninvited guest GATECRASHER
When many will have dinner? TONIGHT
Zebras who throw flags? REFS
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