How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 22 2019

$5 bills, slangily abes
'. . . and that's final!' period
'Assuming that's true . . .' ifso
'You ___ for it!' asked
'___ big to fail' too
14-Across sound baa
Aardvark's meal ants
AOL, e.g isp
Ardent follower fan
Arduous task travail
Ashe Stadium org usta
Bedroom fighter's weapon pillow
Betray nervousness tenseup
Blind trio of song mice
Burnoose wearer arab
Catch in a sting nab
City east of Kobe osaka
Clotho and sisters, with 'the' fates
Containing pollutants tainted
Contest for a seat senaterace
Deli freebies samples
Detroit River's lake erie
Deviled egg garnish caper
Duff, on 'The Simpsons' beer
Dumps on Wall Street sellsoff
Edge of a golf hole lip
Elbow-bender lush
Fingerprinting need ink
Flexible wood yew
Friars Club speaker roaster
Fugue finale coda
German industrial center essen
Give a wide berth to avoid
Guinness World Records suffix est
Hand-wringer's emotion woe
Harder to spot rarer
Impose, as a fine assess
In the cooler onice
In the know aware
Kanga's little one roo
Lamb tender ewe
Laugh-a-minute sort riot
Legendary Nepali yeti
Like a 13-Across ovine
Like brut wines dry
Locked in conflict atwar
Lot measure acre
Make an appearance show
Makes a decent living doesok
Many rappers' names aliases
More of an eyesore uglier
Mortise mate tenon
Nearly forever eon
Ones on stumps orators
Original Thunderbird's lack rearseat
Park and Lex, in NYC aves
Parts ___ million per
Photo blowup (Abbr.) enl
Place for bargain hunters dollarstore
Place for Christmas lights eave
Pre-euro Spanish coin peseta
Retailer's gds mdse
Rob Gronkowski's position end
Rogue sci-fi computer hal
Rose was their player-manager reds
Safety item in a trunk flare
Sarandon of 'Stepmom' susan
Some lap dogs, briefly poms
Sown things seeds
Stopped by visited
Suffers from has
Three or four, maybe afew
Toothpaste type gel
Trash bag brand hefty
Unidentified John doe
Wet 'n Wild attraction waterslide
Xbox competitor wii
Yellowstone beasts buffaloherd
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